I have taken a month off not by choice but just because i was simply too busy to schedule blog posts for when i was away and then when you get back you need to get your life back together but then i went away again. So i have been MIA but hopefully you all follow me on social media so you haven't missed me too much (instagram - girltalkwithlaura, twitter - girltalkwith)

So this post may be a little late to the party but it still deserves a post so its better late than never ey.
You may have seen the whole hype over the new Benefit brow products as they love to cause a stir in the beauty world when a new product launches.
They brought out a whopping 10 products so no wonder they wanted to shout about it. I was lucky enough to receive all these items in the most amazing packaging (obvs its benefit) as you can see by the images.
I chose to get them in shade 3 as i like my brows quite dark but not too dark and the colour is perfect for me. Its like a slightly dark brown.

I would love to talk about every single item but aint no body got time for that. You especially don't wanna be bored on my first post back. So let me just talk you through my favs.

Brow Zings
This is the cutest little thing which comes with a tiny double ended brush and a mini tweezer. Inside they have a wax and a powder which is perfect for on the go and you can top up your brows and get rid of any strays that you may have noticed. I took this on holiday with me as my only brow product and it was perfect as it has both the wax and the powder. Some days its a wax day, some days its a powder day and some days its both days.

Goof Proof Brow Pencil
I love the shape of this pencil as it really is goof proof. When it comes with its own spoolie then you know you're onto a winner ( yes i am singing Tinie Tempah) 

Gimme Brow
This may be little but it makes a big difference. I feel like this is so underrated and because it is little sometimes it does get neglected but when i use it i always think 'i need to use this more'. It just finished off your brows and keep them in place which is ideal if you have little stragglers like i do.

High Brow Highlighter
To highlight my brow arch i always used to use an eyeshadow but then i would use it up because i would also use it as an eyeshadow and run out so quickly. So this is ideal as it just needs rubbed in with your finger and boom you have that arch highlighted.

There you have it. My thoughts on the new Benefit brow collection. I'd love to know what are your thoughts on it if you have tried any of these products?


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  1. I'm obsessed with the new benefit brow products, especially their goof proof pencil! Thanks for sharing <3
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