Product Testing | Makeup Revolution Protection Palette | Review

Monday, 13 April 2015

I'm officially a beauty blogger for Product Testing! 

and what an amazing product to be testing out!!

I've been eyeing up Makeup Revolution for ages now but it's not stocked in my local Superdrug so the only place i can get my hands on it is online. I am one of those people who like to try it before i buy it. So here i am, trying it for you guys so if you don't have it stocked at your local Superdrug then you can just purchase online if you like my review! 

First off the packaging is just classy, its simple and to the point. It has the biggest mirror which is so handy because i always forget my mirror!! If you're out and about and you've got makeup but no mirror its a bit pointless really isn't it.

This is the medium palette which i think is perfect for me and my skin tone! 
On the left side of the palette is three concealers in a light, medium and dark for those under eye bags and blemishes. These concealers aren't too cakey and i feel like they are a cream to powder type formula. This is perfect for apply through the day when you've been at work and you've got an event to go to on the night time and you need to reapply. Cakey concealers you cant do that because it ends up looking too much. 

Next up is a powder, which i don't normally use a powder. But i've been using this over my concealer to set it and also over the areas where i would produce more oil and i have been LOVING it. It's the perfect shade for me.

Then you've got the contour powder which now i thought nothing could come close to Benefit's Hoola bronzer but this comes so close! Its a tad darker which is better for contouring. This is one of my fav parts of this palette!!

After that is the blusher, which is just as bloody good! Like i seriously can't get over how amazing this palette is. The blush is a pinky blush which is perfect for me as i like more pinky tones than red tones.

And finally we have the holy grail. This highlighter is AMAZING! As you can see on the image where i am wearing it, it stands out but not too much! 

I couldn't recommend this product more and it has came in so handy to have this as the only makeup product in my bag to do all the jobs i would need if i wanted to top up my makeup during the day!

Grab this for the most amazing price of £6, i can't even get over that its under £10.

What do you think of this? Sound amazing or does this sound amazing?!



  1. Make-up Revolution is a cool brand, I'm glad it suits you!

    Anjna Harish

  2. Thanks for the review! Was very helpful to purchase the palette. You can check out my blog and reviews on

  3. Thanks for the review! Was very helpful to purchase the palette. You can check out my blog and reviews on