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Not many people will have heard of this brand but i recognise it because it is one of the concessions that's in Topshop and i used to buy more their stuff than Topshops! 

Now this may not be a typical 'prom dress' but who wants to be typical anyway?! 
Short prom dresses are increasing every year! Why buy a prom dress that is going to sit in your wardrobe gathering dust and taking up valuable space, then after 5 years you finally bare to part with it and sell it on ebay for a tenner? 

If you buy one that you will wear again lets say for your 18 or 21st birthday or just for another event then at least you feel you're getting your moneys worth! 
Plus it wont be as expensive than a long dress.

I had a prom/ball for sixth form so this may be more suitable for that. I wore a short dress then and i also think every single person there wore short too!

If you don't usually wear dresses and don't want to step too far out of your comfort zone then try something simple like this! 

It also comes in other colours, baby blue or pink! So take your pick. 

It is so easy to wear with its lose fit and swing material which makes it flattering as it doesn't cling to any unwanted lumps or bumps! 

Would you wear this for prom? 



  1. Im all for a short prom dress! This is a lovely option, to keep it simple an elegant, or even jazz it up with accessories and bling. It is so versatile! Plus this dress can totally be an everyday wear sort of dress with sneakers and a parka. Def. getting the most out of the money spent.

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  2. This is so cute =]


  3. Really beautiful dress! This look is absolutely gorgeous and just perfect in every way xx