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The Nude Grey Palette

These little mini eyeshadow palettes are the mini dupes of the Urban Decay palettes. Now who doesn't want that with the cheaper price tag?

At £3.99 per palette you can't go wrong really! 

This Nude Grey Palette is made up of 6 shades: Parchment, Rubble, Under the moon, Drift wood, In a nutshell and Eclipse. ( In order as you see in the pic) 
The first and last shade which is Parchment and Eclipse are the yellow and the black and these are the only matte shades in this palette.
This palette has more of a metallic feel to it and i like that every shade is from a different colour palette rather than a palette with different shades from the same colour palette.
This is the palette i would use on a night out to make more of a statement look.

The Nude Bronze Palette

Ahhhh how lush does this look?! This is me all over. If i was an eyeshadow palette, i would be this one! 
All the shades in this palette are shimmery and are more bronze toned than brown toned. 

I dunno if its just me but i find it very hard to find the perfect brown eyeshadow, i want an eyeshadow thats brown and doesn't turn into a dull burnt colour when applied onto the lid. These are the perfect shades to create a brown smokey eye with. 

Normally i tend to end up using a number of palettes because i like one shade out of this palette and another shade of another palette but this whole palette would do one perfect look! 

The six shades that make up this palette are: Ivory, Mink, Ochre, Golden brown, Ember and Nutty. My fav being Ember!

The Nude Palette

This is defo more every day work makeup. With there being more neutral tones in this it can suit everybody with any outfit.
The six shades that make up this palette are: White chocolate, Buttercream, Biscuit, Chocolate milk, Brown Sugar and Espresso.

( Here i am wearing Ember from the Nude Bronze Palette)

Lets all just take a time out to appreciate the names of these shades by the way!! They are defo on par with Urban Decay's palettes but wayyyy better with the pricing!!

The quality of these palettes are amazing for the price.
 If i did have one criticism it would for them to be more pigmented as it just means you need to apply more to get the wanted colour.

I would defo invest in all of these just to have especially since they're only £3.99! 

They are available from Boots ( which shocked me as its normally superdrug but hey i guess it cant all go to one can it!) 

You can buy them here 

also at the minute its 3 for 2 at Boots! You all know what to do..



  1. I just picked up the nude palette and I'm very excited to try it out! I definitely think it'll become my go to day palette since its so neutral! Great post! x
    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

  2. Hi! Can you tell me what's on your lips please?! Thank you:o) x