Infruition | Water Infusion Bottles | Review

The new trend is water infusion with this whole 'new year new you' theme. 
Everyone knows how good lemon water is for you, but when do you actually have it? Yeah maybe first thing in the morning with hot water but during the day when you're rushing off to work the last thing you thing of is ohhh me lemon! 

I was lucky enough to be sent these Infruition water bottles! At first i was thinking, ooh they have sent me two why is this. BUT actually, if you're gonna get one then i would recommend that you buy two. Because it just makes prep so much easier. On a night time, chop ya fruit or veg or whatever the hell you wanna put in it, pop it into your bottle, fill with water and pop it in the fridge over night. Then in the morning your water is infused and ready to go. Pop them into your bag and you've got some healthy fruity water for your day. Also if i am at work and i drink all of my water, i simply fill up with water but keep the fruit in there so you don't need to go out and buy more fruit. 
I get my use and money out of the fruit so i fill up twice before i change fruit. Because lets be honest here, fruit isn't the cheapest.

Since having them, i have defo drank more water than i did originally. 

My fav combos have to be lemon and lime, or just cucumber.

The good thing about Infruition is that they also do a sports version which is the lighter plastic version that you can carry in your sports bag because it is a little bit heavy carrying the original glass bottle around!

They come in different colours so you can colour cordinate your bottle with your fruit ;) 

An EVEN better thing is that the fruit actually goes into a little cage so none of this fruit in ya face or pip in ya gob nonsense!

Have you got one of these? Or is this something you need?

Get yours here  £17.99 for the Classic



  1. Love the idea of this! Think I need to purchase one. Love this post :)



  2. I love this so I bought amazons own, i havent yet used it as theres not a lot of stuff i like so im experimenting =]