Zoeva Rose Gold Makeup Brush Collection

All hail the most beautiful makeup brushes ever invented.

I am obsessed with rose gold and so when my birthday came along I couldn't resist asking my brother to get me these bad boys! And I was not disappointed! 

They come in a brown drawstring bag to protect the case, which is always handy if you travel a lot. The brown leather case is just as pretty with it ps rose gold zip and logo which is big enough to be an actual makeup bag or a bag for allllll your brushes.

Then there is the brushes themselves, which are softer than I even thought which I didn't think was possible. 
Now if you're like me, I've always settled for cheap brushes as I didn't think I would be able to tell the difference. Oh how wrong was I. 
They genuinely help your makeup glide on better and more flawlessly.

It took me a good 2 weeks to actually open them and use them because they look so pretty and fresh when they're untouched but I couldn't last any longer.
My fav brush out of the collection has to be the blusher brush. It's all so white and soft and just amazing.

Can you tell I love them?! 

If you're thinking about buying these but are still debating then just stop. Look at these pictures and imagine stroking a dead soft teddy bear (I was going to say rabbit but that might put off those animal friendly people). And then click the buy button ! You will not regret it. Pricey but not as pricey as you would imagine.

You can also get the normal collection with different brushes but I felt these brushes were more for me as well as them being rose gold.

Are you thinking about buying these? Or have you already got them? 



  1. Definitely the most beautiful brushes ever made ! Totally swooning every time I lay eyes on these.. I think I need them in my life they sound amazing.. Beautiful photos and great post xx

  2. I love zoeva brushes! If I had them I sooo wouldn't use them. I'd just have them on display. hahaha. I''m getting myself some for that same reason...not

  3. I think these brushes look almost too beautiful to use! So in love with anything rose gold x

  4. These are so pretty! I want! Your pics are lovely too x


  5. The brushes! The bag! I would buy those beauties just to stare at them all day, haha.

  6. omg these look so soft and soo pretty xx