Orelia | Gold Tattoos & Crystal Pendant | *

So right now my blog just seems full of posts about things that have been sent to me for review purposes but this is only due to the fact that I had a lot of things sent during the big move and it started to mount up. I want to get it done as I don't want to forget about them as there is so e seriously good things that I have been lucky enough to receive! 

Anyway when Orelia asked me what I liked from their website I was in awe of all their jewellery so told them to surprise me. But I did say I was IN LOVE with their gold tattoos. You may have seen these kicking around Instagram and obviously I love them as they look so cool.

It was just in fitting as I was heading to VFestival that same weekend so I took them for me and the girls to try out. They were so easy to apply with a little cotton pad and a dab of water and ta daaaaa. They lasted the whole weekend and even longer! Approx 5/6 days which is really good going! 

Since I am a huge wuss and too scard to get a real tattoo I think these are great and add a bit of fun to your outfit. These would also look amazing on holiday with that tan look! I will defos be getting some for my next holiday! 

They also sent me a crystal pendant which is just as gorgeous! 

Check out their website : http://www.orelia.co.uk

Have you tried these yet? 



  1. The pendant is beautiful and the tattoos are soo pretty! I'm going to check their website and see what I can find for myself :)

    Ana Leote

  2. The Orelia jewellery is so gorgeous! I think a trip to the website is needed now! Lovely blog post x

  3. I love Orelia jewellary it's so dainty and pretty, the tattoos look amazing too!

  4. Laura! Your blog is literally my favourite blog, and it inspired me to make my own!! I really loveeee your blog which led to me nominating you for the Leibster Award, check out the info here http://passionpout.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/leibster-award.html hope you take part in it :) xxx