Hedonia Paloma Bow Shift Dress* | Review & Images

DRESS - Hedonia
SHOES - Garage Shoes

DRESS - Hedonia
SHOES - Primark

The lovely girls at Hedonia offered to send me a dress so i chose this lushhh bow dress. Obvs, if it has a bow, its going on me. Simples.
Its a tad bit big but i am rocking the baggy shift dress look. I just loveeee the bow detail on the back it just so cute.

And obviously, i created two looks for you guys. Because i love this so much i wanted to created more of a day time look so i can wear it more than just an evening dress. So here i folded it under to create a top and tucked it into my jeans. Paired with some nude snakeskin slip-ons to finish the outfit off and bobs ya uncle, fannys your aunt whatever ya wanna say.

You should all head over to their website which is linked above and check out their other dresses which are all gorgeous!

Which outfit do you like better? Day or Night?


p.s Sorry for the lack of posts but i am currently in a new job which i am working full time, in the middle of moving house and it is my burrrffffday on Friday so i will enjoying time with my loved ones so bare with me lovelies. 


  1. Oh my god! I'm completely ohhbbsessed with that dress. It's gorgeous!! Love that you styled it with jeans too. Super cute!

    XO, G from grace'd

  2. What a wonderful post - you look stunning and that dress is so versatile! can't decide how I like it best!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  3. That dress is super adorable. It looks great on you, and I love how you turned it into a top! Such a clever idea. I'm going to have to check out Hedonia now!
    The Graduate Goddess xx

  4. Absolutely love how you've styled this! Would love for you to come check my blog out www.clothesoverpeople.blogspot.co.uk xx