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If I wasn't already lucky enough to recieve one bikini off Triangl, I certainly am now after receiving my second bikini off them.

This time I went for a more of a fashion statement than a normal bikini choice just as my first bikini was the Minnie in Miami mint which can I say is just amazing. If you haven't read my review of it then head over here : http://girltalkwithlaura.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=Triangl+

This one is the Coco moonbeams. With the silver bottoms, the contrasted black with green top and black mesh over the green it just makes the perfect statement on the beach.
I can't wait to get a tan and wear this as I feel the silver bottoms will just look unreal with a tan! 

Of course they are still made of that amazing scuba material. 

I will say though if you are quite lucky in the bust department then this isn't really the top for you as I find it's not that supportive as much as the Minnie is. Whereas that one is so supportive and holds you in in all the right places. 

I have size medium in both the pants and the top as the last ones fit perfectly.

As you can see you get a matching bag too which is great for a beach bag or to keep all your bikinis in when you're travelling.

Not going to lie though, one of the reasons I picked this one if because I seen some photos of the gorgeous Sarah Ashcroft in it and she looked unreal. But unfortunately for me the body doesn't come with the bikini. 


Do you like this one? Which one would you pick of have you got? 


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  1. Ooo I would love to get a triangl bikini. Before I saw this set, I wanted the pink one but this has converted me. How pretty! x