Friday, 23 February 2018

Lip fillers are the latest trend ATM after Kylie Jenner caused a stir in the industry with her oversized lips. Lets face it, it the Kardashians/Jenners have it, we want it.

When I first got them, I wasn't really that fussed about them, they weren't something I'd thought that much about but since I was offered them I thought why not. You all know I'm your guinea pig. But when I done my before and afters, well lets just say I WAS SHOOK! My top lip was none existent and well I was buzzing with the results! They lasted about a year but then I needed a top up and when Assure Aesthetics got in touch I new it was fate. I have always told you to do your research on whoever is carrying out this procedure and any for that matter because they're changing your face. I had seen some of their before and afters and I was sold. It doesn't matter how many followers they have its more about their work.



They made me feel so at ease because lets face it, it does hurt! I'd by lying if I said it didn't and you know i'm always honest! On a scale of 1-10 in pain it was about a 6/7. But it is so worth the pain!
You can get dental block (what you get at the dentist when you have a tooth taken out) if you're so scared and cant bare the pain but you're really numb after.

What I did notice that was different about getting my lips done for the second time was the technique. The girls at Assure Aesthetics done more injections to get the filler in the right place and they got that flick ( where your lips end and meet your chin or upper lip) down to a tee. I absolutely love that flick because it makes it look and feel more natural rather than it all blending in. Because my biggest fear was losing my cupids bow because I have quite a strong one, and when you look at people with lip fillers they lose that. But with careful placement by Assure Aesthetics they managed to keep it looking strong.


They're obviously really swollen when you first get them done but that is to be expected after having them poked around with. They're also sore and feel strange ( you get used to it) and you can get bruising but Arnica cream helps reduce bruising which I have just bought after my top up and it seems to be working so if you're not keen to be bruised then invest in this as its only £4.99 from Superdrug.
You can also use ice to help reduce swelling but if you're not going anywhere then I just let them go down naturally.


The swelling goes down within a week and you start to see the real results which I bloody love! What I would say is don't be scared if you get a few lumps and can feel them/see them. What you can do is massage them quite hard and you should feel them dissolve away which I would start to do the say after if you feel them appear.

I've just had my top up because once the swelling goes down you get the finished product but sometimes you could just need a tiny bit more in a certain area like I needed more in my top lip to make them more equal so I will be keeping you up to date on my Instagram with the finished product.

Hope this was helpful! 

Laura xox

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