Botox, and any cosmetic procedures are seen as a bit of a taboo subject. They think you're going to end up on 'Botched' which is a TV show about cosmetic procedures that have gone wrong, or they think you'll get carried away and end up like Pete Burns.

Can I not just get a little bit of filler here and there without any comments please.

So lets discuss my reasons for getting botox at the young age of 26..

1. Wrinkles 
I HATED my dent in my forehead between my eyes. It was clearly a sign I'd been bitch facing everyone my whole life. It was just a habit, I'd be looking at my phone on the bus home from work and the screen would go dark and I would see my reflection to which I seen I had a massive frown on my face. Why the big frown Laura?! It just was a thing I would do without even thinking about. Plus, all that sunbathing with no sunglasses on have taken its toll.
So this is my main reason because I hated it and makeup sat in the crease which was so noticeable.


2. Prevention.
Botox is an amazing prevention for wrinkles. Its stops you frowning therefore wrinkles aren't formed so thats why people start off young rather than wait until they have deep wrinkles.
3. Deep pores.
I have the most open deep pores  (thanks mam) and people who I have seen who have had it done before it helps reduce the appearance of large pores. So when I had it done the first time I was testing the waters so to speak, but it worked. My pores looked less open. So this time I had it done in more areas of my forehead. If I could get it all over my face I would just because it totally makes your foundation go on much nicer and doesn't have to fill in all the pot holes in your face.

4. That Shine.
We all know people who have had Botox have THAT shine.
Now you all know my skin issues with my acne etc then if you don't then head to my YOUTUBE video where I explain it all and how I helped heal my own skin.
But I have always been jealous of that healthy looking skin (mostly on their foreheads) that you seen in these glam people. I remember being younger and asking this older woman how her skin looked so good and her answer was botox. Now I mean its not gonna heal acne or anything of the sort but it just gives off this shine which appealed to me.

5. Liquid liner.
My eyes are very peculiar (thanks dad) and they're something I got bullied for when I was at school because they look 'dopey'. They're just like massive round golf balls. So when I put liquid eye liner on and I smiled it changed shape. So when I first applied it, it would be perfect but as soon as I smiled my lids sort of when a bit hooded so my lid would overlap which caused the liner to be disjointed. So I got it around my eyes to stop that happening and its worked!


6. Brow lift.
Have a low arch? Botox in the right areas can lift the eyebrow to create a higher arch which is what it done for me and I love it.


On a scale of 1-10 of pain its about a 1, literally don't feel a thing apart from a tiny prick.

These are all reasons I decided to get Botox and I am so glad I did. I'm in no way saying everyone should get Botox or trying to influence anyones decisions I'm just simply stating these are my reasons. Remember - you do you, I'll do me.

One thing to remember is that it doesn't work straight away. It takes about 2 weeks to work but one day you'll be thinking you're frowning and look in the mirror and you're face hasn't moved - which is brill! Don't get me wrong, its not totally still. Gone are the days where people think if you get botox then you're frozen and you cant move your face.

The girls at Assure Aesthetics done my botox and they're so good and it worked so much better than the last time because they're just pro's at what they do. If you're based in the North East then I highly recommend them.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Laura xox


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