Most bloggers these days are full time bloggers, its their job, they were in a position to quit their day to day job to become a full time blogger. Not me. I'm still working a full time job whilst trying to juggle an instagram account, a blog and a youtube channel.

How the bloody hell do I do it, I hear you ask?! Well I don't even know myself.

Well thats a lie because I do. I'm going to admit that I work bloody hard. I have no social life but that doesn't bother me because I'm not a fan of drinking anyway. I have a long distance relationship so we get to see each other every 2/3 weeks which gives me time to spend on my blog when every I get a spare minute. So heres some top tips that I've learnt along the way..

1. Be organised

When you work full time, you get 2 days off. So use them 2 days off wisely. Plan what you're going to do or get achieved on those two days. Make lists with deadlines that you need to have things written/ photographed by.

2. Use your time wisely

My journey time into work is over an hour so think of things you can actually get done in that time. I get through my emails in that time ( sorry for anyone who gets an email at 6am) but emails is a task! So getting through those before I even get into work is an achievement.
I also have an hours lunch so instead of shopping for 45mins and eating for 15 mins then I take my laptop into work where I can sit in the staff room and edit photo's or start writing blog posts whilst eating my dinner. This honestly is a life saver because I get so much done.

3. Spend a full day photographing

Day light is something that is precious. You don't get a lot of it so be savvy. I get weekends off so one day is dedicated to photographing. I would spend a full day photographing products that I needed to blog about or outfits that I needed to shoot and then the week editing them on my dinner etc. This is the best thing to do because if you shoot them all on the weekend, thats the weeks blog posts sorted for the next week.

4. Balance

Something that I have recently learned is that balance is key. Because i'm balancing an instagram, a blog and a youtube. You need to be realistic. You cant spend your days off trying to tick all boxes off for all three accounts. So one weekend I will focus on creating instagram images and writing blog posts, then the weekend after i'll spend it creating youtube videos and the day after editing it go to live.

5. Don't be hard on yourself & compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others that are in a total different situation to you is just a recipe for disaster. Thats when you start to beat yourself up and lose your mojo. Some people may have more time than you hence why they have more content, some people may have people who help them like photographers/editors etc. Us who blog with a full time job probably don't have any of those, were just doing it ourselves so give yourself credit. You've created all that you have on your own juggling everything else so big yourself up! If you have plans with friends, partners or family and you cant spend your full two days off prepping your blog posts for the week ahead or you haven't filmed anything then thats okay. Your human not a machine. Your blog is still going to be there.

So don't worry if you're not that perfect full time blogger. We all want the dream job but we also need to be realistic. I've been doing this for 5 years now and I'm not in a position to quit my job so don't worry if you're not either. If you love it then you'll keep doing it like I am.

Hope this was useful! Let me know if you've got any tips..

Laura xox


  1. this is such an amazing post!! fair play to you for keeping everything up! xx


  2. This was so helpful! I feel your pain! I work full time & have the same issue. We can’t all had the luxury of blogging full time as a job I definitely needed to read this ❤️

  3. This was so helpful thank you! I only found your blog recently and I love it 😘