Actiderm | Cosmeceuticals | Skincare | Review

We'll you all know how much I love skincare things, so you can imagine how excited I was to received these from the lovely Actiderm guys. 
I had heard of Actiderm before and it was good things I assure you. So I was dyyyying to try these. I was asked to pick a few items and these are the items I picked. 

Like, if you're like me and you're attracted to the long scientific names then that's honestly one of the reasons I picked these. And also the things they claim to do. 

These are from the cosmeceutical range which is different to normal skincare range as these have special ingredients to help your skin. 

Firstly I was reccomended the Ultraderm cream so I chose that as I had heard good things about this. It is anti ageing and it is meant to reveal a youthful glow with help from the latest plant stem-cell technology.
It is also meant to activate surface renewal and reveal younger skin by re-energising and hydrating the skin.
And damn right it does this! I'm so impressed with this as its not only really good for moisturising under your makeup and giving me that glow but my skin has that healthy glow and isn't dull. I have been using this on a morning before my foundation.

Next is the 'Concentrate Hyaluronic Serum' which is also meant to reduce lines and wrinkles by promoting skin cell regeneration. It promotes skin firmness, softness and elasticity. 
I have been using this one on a night time before bed. Letting it activate during the night as your skin sucks up more nutrients during the night and helps renew the skin. My skin has been getting lighter and it's helping to fix my acne scars by reducing the redness. It also helps with dry patches or little spot scabs you have. They're all gone which is lovely to wake up to! 

Lastly is 'Imperfections Correction Concentrate' which helps to purify skin whilst combating new breakouts. It does what it says on the tin really. I've been using this one on a morning after I've toned my skin and before I moisturise. You can use this alone or underneath makeup depending on your day. This has been helping my scarring and helps even out skin tone which is supported by all the other products. 

By using all three they have significantly helped the appearance of my skin and I couldn't be happier about it. Im finally on my way to nice skin!

Have you heard of this brand? 



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