My blog is one years old! Let's reminisce..

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Wow!!!! Girl Talk With Laura is officially one year old! 

How the hell did that happen? 

If I'm totally honest, it was on the 4th and I have just had that much on my mind that the day passed and I forgot until someone asked me how long I'd been blogging and I was like OMG a year! 

This year has totally flown over and I'm so glad I started and kept it up. It would have been so easy to stop doing it especially with a full time job but I've worked to make it work and I hope you all still like it.

So here is my Oscar award speech.. 

I'd thank to thank you all for sticking by me from the beginning! 

I love reading your comments on my blog even if I don't reply but do know that I read and cherish them. 

The top moments of my blogging year have been:

- winning a Superdrug competition which meant I was on their website and was on their emails.

- winning a photoshoot with Benefit in London! 

- bloggers events!

Let's toast to another year in blogging and let's see where it takes me. 

Thank you,  you lovely lot!

What have been your fav posts ever? What do you want to see next?



  1. Merry Blog Birthday! You've achieved so so so much in one year :O Congrats! Jay || PuzzlePieceLife xxx

  2. Happy 1 year blogiversary =]

  3. Happy 1 year and many more to come! proud of you xx