Finding the perfect hairdressers | House Of Savannah Newcastle | Review

Hair is precious to us girls and to boys as well. So finding a salon that's right for you with hairdressers that you actually trust with your locks is hard and rare. I've been going to a local salon for years because I've known her since I was young and it was convenient and I wasn't disappointed, I just wasn't wowed. I don't think my hair was having the right treatment it deserved. 

So on my mission to find a new one I took to Twitter as ya do and asked if any of my fellow bloggers knew a good place in the newcastle/durham area and farzana came to my rescue. She recommended House Of Savannah Hair & Spa. 

I googled it and ohhh it looked every girls dreams. Champagne, hand and arm massage when you're waiting for your colour. Total bliss. So obvs I dived at the chance once I seem they had 30% off for new customers! As it would be costing just a couple more pounds as I would normally pay (with the 30% off). 
Blondes know that it's expensive to keep it up but you also need invest. You get what you pay for basically and you need to remember that. 

So I made an appointment and got one straight away, all I had to do was go for a patch test. 

To say I was excited was the understatement of the year. I felt like my hair was going to get a good sorting and I was glad as I needed it. 
Turned up to the salon and it didn't disappoint. You walk up the stairs which looks like a super posh house btw! Into the salon to see a wall of all the different colours they do which I was just amazed. 

Sat down with the lovely Grace who made me feel so at home and liked I had know her for ages. It was like a proper chat about how I wanted my hair which I didn't really know! I showed her some pictures and she just understood straight away before I really knew what I wanted. This was a real plus for me as sometimes you can just go in tell a hairdresser that you want highlights and ey say right and start straight away. 
Not here, she got her colour chart out and we picked colours together, she didn't force me into anything and we worked as a team which I feel was the point when I felt at home. She was talking me through each stage telling me exactly what she was doing which was calming and then along came the magazines and drinks menu! Latte obvs.

Now this may not be a big deal for you, but I've never had this done before but she actually highlighted my whispy bits around my face!! You know those like three hairs that you have around your 'sideburns' and forehead, yep she done those separately. Like, who even takes time and the effort to put colour on those bits that you probably wouldn't even notice, Grace that's who. 
But now looking at them, why shouldn't they get done? They're around your face and probably notice the, more when your hair is tied up. 

This is the little detail that you pay for. 

Once she had finished making me look like a Christmas tree with all the different coloured foil I was the. Asked if I wanted a complimentary arm and hand massage. Hell yeah.

If I wasn't relaxed enough I was then offered another drink and some more magazines and after a good time reading all about Michelle and Mark Wrights perfect relationship I was whisked off to get it washed off. I now notice the difference in good quality expensive shampoo and cheap stuff from Superdrug. The smells coming from my head were amazing. I felt like I was Nicole Sherzinger from the Herbal Essance advert! Then along came the head massage. 

MY GOD. I don't even need to explain how good that was I bet you're thinking it right now.

This is always the most nervracking time when getting your colour done, the taking off the towel moment. 
Ahhhh and relax. I still had blonde in there. 
But she knew the colour I wanted and it wasn't quite there, so she was talking about toners and how there's a different toner for every colour, she knew it needed to be warmer and I wasn't so sure but hey I trusted her from the minute I sat down so I knew she knew. 

And boy did she know. It was the most perfect colour and it looked EXACTLY like the picture I showed her. Like when does that ever happen.

Pic I showed her (left) compared to my hair (right) ! Pretty similar huh?

Well it happens with Grace at House Of Savannah that's when. 

The cut was perfect and the styling was perfect. She knew I liked big and bouncy and she knew that she didn't want to load my hair up with product as I was just going home to chill and didn't want me to have to wash it before work tomorrow. Like, that's amazing. 
It's the worst when you get it done lush and then they out that stupid powder in that clogs up your hair so you can't even run your fingers through your knewly done hair. 
Yeah she did put a volumizing spray on but a one that doesn't clog. Hurray! 

Not only did she not just use straightners to curl my hair but she used rollers on the top layer. 
Which makes it that but more natural. 

Everyone in the salon was complimenting on the colour and I was so thankful and in love with it. 
She is also a fellow blogger! How bizarre. 
So check out her blog - NORTH EAST FASHION BLOGGER.

No, I haven't been paid to write this nor have I had any special treatment or discount because I'm a blogger.

This is just them and I fully recommend them. When we find a really good hairdressers we need to shout and rave about them so everyone else can experience it. 

It's pricey but worth it. She was honest and asked me to be honest too. Which I thought was extremely nice as it's no good if we walk away unhappy is it.

Because we're worth it right?!

Have you found your perfect hairdresser/hairdressers yet? 

What do you think of the subtle change?



  1. I absolutely love your hair!!! I really want a change so I'll be taking a picture of your hair with me so I can get the same haha! X

  2. Looking gorgeous Mrs! That's one beautiful "new do". I really need to get myself along for a go, every time I walk past I think how beautiful it looks :)

    Chloe x

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous! I understand exactly how you feel.. I recently went to a new salon to have my hair cut and thinned and was so happy with how honest and helpful she was that I've booked to go back! xx

    Sophie / sophie-teresa.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I love your hair =]


  5. I'm still trying to find a hairdressers I love and trust up here, find myself going back to London to my parents just to get a trim! Haha. Where in Newcastle are they? :) Your hair looks so bloody good here I now want to go!
    Jay || PuzzlePieceLife

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