Laline Skincare

I was abit overwhelmed when Laline contacted me as they're a USA brand and I just think how can a company from the USA know who I am and what I do, Dya not think that's just amazing?! 

Anyway, they asked me to chose some products that I liked which turned out was out of stock but I loved everything so I told them to chose their fav products. 
Now, at first looks you wouldn't make much if the packaging but that's because I'm a sucker for packaging and would almost chose a product for its packaging over the actual product. But it's the stuff inside that counts right?! 

I bet I'm not the only one that smells something before they use it..
Espesh if it's skincare based! Well that's exactly what I done when I opened these. I wasn't expecting much but they smell amazing! And they don't all smell the same! Which I was flabbergasted at, they each have their own smells! 

Here I've got the 'Body SoufflĂ©' which is a thick moisturiser. Or as I like to call it, heaven for legs. Our legs the poor things get shaved, waxed and bashed about on nights out so we need to give them some loving. Shaving alone can harm the buggers if we do it everyday. And if we've been shaving everyday whilst being on holiday then offttt they're gonna be as dry as Ghandi's flip flop! 
This doesn't have to be an everyday moisturiser as that would be too much but I'd say twice or three times a week and you'll have pins to be envy of! 

Then there is the 'Body Scrub' which is my fav scent wise. It doesn't look too harsh as it has smallish particles with a liquid which means it won't be as drying as most exfoliating products. It surprised me when I opened it to see it was a runny formulae as many exfoliating products aren't. 

But my most fav out of them all is this squirty body wash!!! Now have you ever heard of this?! It's like squirty whipped cream but as a body wash! Which means it's thick and great to use for shaving your legs! That was my first thought haha! 
I'm not one for shaving gel/creams as I always use soap. But this could be a game changer as well as being fun.

Check out the rest if their stuff as they've got stuff for everyone. Face creams, body creams and bath salts.

Have you ever heard of this make before? 



  1. I've never heard of this brand before but love all the products you received! Your blog is amazing so you're obviously doing something right if USA brands are on to you :) well done! X

  2. I love hearing about new brands, especially if their products are good! My friend always hypes up about using shaving foam to shave so that foam would be perfect! X