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Today is a day where it all starts changing. It is officially 100 days until Christmas! 
Now this is scary. But let's not start worrying just yet and let's just start looking forward to dressing up in glitzy dressing and glittery makeup.

This is what this range screams to me. Collection have brought out this range 'Galactica' which is all about shimmers, metallics, foils and sparkle. Inspired by sci-fi and A/W shows such as Givenchy and McQueen. 

When I opened this parcel all I could think about was those Christmas parties and NYE parties. These might look a little bright and out there at the moment but once you add some blue eyeshadow to the silver eyeliner, a brown smokey eye to the gold eyeliner, a LBD to the silver and gold nail varnish then they don't seem so bright.

I couldn't wait to get started if I'm honest even though I'm not much of a shimmer/glittery gal! I actually thought 'oh god' when I seen the nail varnish. But this is why I am here to be your ginuea pig because these things look so much better on.
Now a don't know about you but when I get a few nail varnishes together I always swatch them just to see what they look like on the nail so obvs I already picked my fav before I done my whole hand. 
Silver. And maybe the blue. But gold is my least favourite just because it doesn't look good with my skin tone, maybe when I've got fake tan on it will look better. They aren't even glittery as of such they're more of a shimmer which is better as glittery nail varnish is a bloody ball ache to get off.
My only fault with the nail varnishes is the brush is a tad too big for my teeny tiny finger nails. But other than that they're amazing for £2.99.

Now, onto the eyeliners. Not going to lie, I was most scared about these as I'm not much of a coloured eyeliner person. But when I swatched them on my hand they didn't scare me so much anymore. Annnnnd then, I rubbed the swatch in and it wasn't so harsh and it actually looked pretty amazing.
Just imagine right, either a black smokey eye with the silver along the lash line and the bottom inner corner rubbed in or not for a bolder look, OR an electric blue eyeshow with the silver rubbed into the inner half of your eye. Wowza. 
For the gold I would do a bronze smokey eye with the gold eyeliner bold or rubbed in along the top lash line or a red eyeshow with the gold eyeliner smudged onto the inner corners of the eyelid. 
Eyeliners are £2.99.

I am defo going to play around with these looks so I will show you guys if they work out! They will be more than likely on my Instagram so make sure to follow me - lauracranston1

Last but not least, the lippys.
These sticks have been so in this summer and just because it's getting colder doesn't mean they're gonna stop. They're so handy to have in your bag and to apply as you don't need such a steady hand like you do for lipstick.
These Collection lip butter pencils are £2.99 which is a bloody bargain. Espesh since they feel so soft on your lips and they are well pigmented!  
Now, if you're not blessed with big lips then these are gonna be great for you, use a lip liner around your lips and apply these in the middle of your lips and blend them for your lips to seem bigger. There are three shades available (from left to right in the pic with the swatches on my hand) 'Pink Rush', 'Casmic Candy' and 'Moon Rock'. 

These are all available now from Superdrug so don't miss out! 

What are your thoughts? 


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  1. These products don't look like something from the collection brand, because they look way more luxe. I love the lip pencils, such great shades x

    Beauty with charm