Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Varnish | Bordeaux & China Flower |Review & Swatches

I surprised myself when I stepped into Boots and started heading towards a stand I never find myself at. I had time to kill before starting work and obviously this is spent shopping. I've never bought anything from Revlon and I am not even kidding when I say ever. I'm not going to lie but it's not because there isn't things that u wouldn't buy but for me it's the prices that put me off. If I'm buying drugstore products then I want to pay drugstore prices. I mean it's either cheap or high end for me. Anything in the middle just seems pointless as you could either get high end for a little bit more or for a little bit less you could get something near enough the same. 

Might just be me being a cheap skate but hey ho. Anyway, I was drawn towards these Revlon Scented nail polishes. Not even because they were scented though, it was the bottle. This tiny cute expensive looking bottle. Then I noticed it was 2 for £10 and I thought ooo that's not actually that bad. I would rather pay a bit more and have gorgeous looking bottles like this. 

Then the colours caught my eye. At the Revlon counters they have nail varnish swatches on fake nails to show you what the colour actually looks like on which saves you that time in thinking 'will it actually look nice on, will it be the exact colour' etc. Also you can place your own fingers under the nail and see how that colours looks on your hand. As I feel some colours can suit your skin time more and compliment your hands and those are the ones I try to buy. After much deliberation I finally chose on these two colours.
Bordeaux and China flower. A deep red/Burgundy and a bright red. These are colours that I tend not to  buy too much as these colours are ones that you've already got and then you get home and go to do your nails these colours and realise you're running out. Doh. 

I wasn't even that excited to smell them as I thought they wouldn't actually smell, becaus if they did surely everyone would be making them scented to get rid if that horrible nail varnish smell.

Well, I've got a tip for you. DONT open and put your nose right into the bottle. As I did and got a blast of that horrible nail varnish smell! 

It only smells when on your fingers and it's a nice surprise and makes a change from that awful smell that were all so used to. 
The nail varnish itself it really good! It's almost very thin and watery but not watery in a bad way that the colour is not as prominent. It just means that a little goes a long way and it doesn't dry thick. Also if you like to do a couple of layers then it means it doesn't build up to a thick stodge which just peels off.

The images are without me even applying a top coat which I'm surprised at how shiny they are without a top coat, BONUS. 

Overall I am SUPER impressed with these. And dare I day I will be buying most of the collection.

Which colour is your fav?
 Have you got these? 
Which colours should I try next?



  1. I love how cute these bottles are! The deep burgundy red is my favourite! Perfect for autumn x

    Beauty with charm