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I have visited this hotel before but not to stay but for their amazing Festive Shopping Fayre which they have on every year around Christmas time and its now one of my favourite things to do at Christmas as they have so many shopping stalls as well as a teepee which you can have mulled wine around the fire but also ice skating - what else do you want to do at Christmas?!

So I knew this hotel was extremely good looking and its surroundings are simply stunning. But pulling up to this view and being able to pull up outside this building, park up and head inside with our over night bags ready to stay the night makes me feel extremely lucky. The grounds of the hotel make it feel even more special with its big long windy road into the hotel. Also, the houses before you pull into the hotel are just jaw dropping gorgeous and always gives me house goal vibes.

After checking in we get shown around the hotel which is defo one to make sure you look up but I bet you can't help it! Everywhere is just so big and the decor is amazing! With old Hall's like this, most of them are still quite old fashioned and decorated like it's still was when it got built but this one is more my cup of tea.


We stayed in the Duke of Wellington suite which overlooks the lake - who even knew Wynyard Hall had a lake?!

It's such a gorgeous room, a proper princess room. Perfect for that breakfast shot...

Obvs we had our own sitting area in the room equipped with a fireplace, a dressing table in front of the big windows and a hidden bathroom. I say hidden well because if the girl who took us to the room didn't tell us that the bathroom was there then we would have been searching for it. The door was disguised in the wall with the same wallpaper on which was quite cool and so was the shape of the room - it was a circle shaped room which added to the quirkiness of it.


We had a 5 course tasting menu booked with wine pairings at the restaurant in the hotel and I knew I had to wear heels well because its just that type of hotel where everyone dresses up. Which I secretly love because I don't get to dress up that often (of choose not to) and I don't mind wearing heels for the short period. Plus I can blame the wine if I stumble when really its most probably the heels because I don't wear them that often.

The restaurant is beautiful and big with again, big ceilings and big grand paintings. Its just a good atmosphere with great staff too who were soo attentive during our meal. The five course tasting menu was honestly one of the best meals I've ever had and the wine pairings was something that I wouldn't really choose as I like to just stick to what I know but in all honestly I don't know much about wine so in fact it was the perfect add on to our meal. We got to try new wines that we wouldn't normally choose and it added excitement to each course because actually the wine tastes totally different when paired with a certain course. I never really understood that something can taste different with a certain type of food but it actually does. Every single wine tasted better after a bite of my meal and I was blown away by that.
So if you have the choice to add on the wine pairings then defo do that, plus the guy who explains the wines is so helpful.

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate the bowl in the second food pic?! I was in love with it and asked where I could buy one to which I was informed that one of the members of staff had made them - WOW. I would honestly buy these and need to know how I can get my hands on them.


Of course, as always. We requested that we have breakfast in bed well because let's be real - who can be bothered to get dressed before 10am when you're in a hotel room as good as this??
This was one of the best breakfasts I've had because I actually got beans, you would be surprised to find out that not that many hotels offer beans on the full breakfast. 


I didn't actually know that Wynyard Hall had a spa and I hadn't seen any images of it so I actually didn't know where about in the hotel it was - little did I know it was an old boathouse right on the lake.

So after breakfast and after checking out we headed to the spa which is very cute and quite which was a very nice surprise as normally spa's are super busy (mostly too busy to go in anything). There is some indoor saunas and steam rooms but I think the main attraction is the jacuzzi's outside which have such a good view. 

I am already planning my next visit here as I feel like one night wasn't enough to explore everything. We didn't even make it to the gardens or get a chance to get treatments whilst we were here so thats defo an excuse to head back soon. 

Have you visited Wynyard Hall?

Laura xox

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