I don't know if you're just new to my blog or you're old school who keep returning (for whatever crazy reason thank you if you are) but just know that my hair is really kinda important to me. It sounds crazy but its been my best feature my whole life (apart from when I had a childhood breakup and I went and done something stupid with it - but don't we all?!) and I'm ever so careful and try to look after it as much as I can - especially that I bleach it blonde.

My hair has always been thin and very straight but there's just sooo much of it which makes it looks thick and healthy - good for me but bad for the hairdressers who have to spend 4 hours on it! 
I have it cut every 6 weeks because I hate the feel of my hair when I leave it any longer and it doesn't look as healthy so I try to keep on top of that. I get a full head of highlights every 3 months but I use purple shampoo too which can take its toll on my hair too so this means I needed to find products that will help and feed my hair. 

But recently after having more blonde added to my hair and finding that I can actually do a tight bun, I have found some snapped hairs around my face and ever since I have been in panic mode to try to claw back its health to help the snapped hair grow and to stop any other breakages. Here are the products that I have found that have helped so far and I have had no further snapped hair and the shorter hairs seem to be finally growing!


So the first thing that I tried was this hair oil spray, which made sense to me because I put oil on my hair as a treatment (as in olive oil) and this is good for those days when your hair feels dry after you've styled it and you want to add that extra bit of nourishment and shine. Don't add too much as it is oil so it will look greasy if you go overboard. But saying that I only ever apply it when I'm staying in the house and want to do a treatment so in that case I use it to the point where my whole head is covered.


Everyone has heard of Olaplex but does it actually work?! Well I find it helps a hell of a lot especially if you start with the first step which is added to your colour in the salon which is the beginning of the rebuilding. And that is what Olaplex is all about - rebuilding, repairing and strengthening.  The second step which is also added in the salon is the bond perfector is also key to start the repairing process. The other steps that you can do at home is where you can keep it up and maintain the repair system which is what I have been doing and found it made it a difference.

The steps that you can purchase and keep up with at home is:

Step 3 - Hair perfector which is an at home treatment that reduces breakages.

This is amazing and I really notice a difference when I use the treatment on not only the frizz of my hair has reduced but also the softness.

Step 4 - Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Step 5 - Bond Maintenance Conditioner

Step 6 - Bond Smoother which eliminates frizz and hydrates.

This is one of the brand new products which excites me because its something that can be applied to my snapped hairs when my hair is dry and it smoothes them down and acts as a hydrating treatment.

Step 7 - Bonding Oil which is a styling oil to increase shine and softness.

The newest product which is what I have wanted from Olaplex as I am obsessed with a hair oil as its something that makes my hair super soft, look shiny and smoothes the frizz.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Intense 

So whilst I think treatments and shampoo and conditioners are going to help, I wanted a product that is going to help treat my scalp and the hair at the roots because thats where the hair needs the support from. I want to promote thick and healthy hair from as soon as it grows and plus all my snapped hair is short near the roots so this serum when I put it on - it covers the full snapped hair. I apply this every night giving it time to sink into the hair and scalp because I brush and style my hair the next day.

But doesn't it leave your hair greasy?! 

NO! which is the best thing as I thought applying a product to your root will 100% show but thats the magic about this and makes me want to put it on all the time. I can tell when I don't put it on to when I do which is what makes me know that this product works.

This pic is taken 3 months after I noticed the snapped hair and as you can see the hair has grown and no other hair has snapped and I have had my hair bleached since too and I'm so pleased to say it didn't create any other damage to my hair. I don't think it was the bleach that was to blame to be honest I think it was the process as to how the hairdresser had taken the bleach off - it was combed out and it was done very fast and very hard and I know myself from when I used to bleach my hair at home if you pull hard on your hair when it still has bleach on or even straight after it snaps very easily. But that and other things like tying my hair tight and dry shampoo have all added to it.

I have a new hair brand to try to help too so I will start to use that and get back to you to see how I get on with it.

Have you had any products to help to make your hair healthier?

Laura xox

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