So in recent events within the blogging community, I thought I'd share my opinion. After all this is my space within the internet where I can say my views on certain subjects and this is what I am going to try to do more of in 2018 because it makes me feel like we get a little bit closer every time. I just wish you could answer back with your views (which you can really through comments so please do).

Anyway, so let me just fill you in. It has all kicked off on social media because this hotel in Dublin has 'outed' a blogging for pitching to them in an email to see if they wanted to collaborate. The man who owns the business (I think) has publicly put a screen shot of this bloggers email for the whole world to see with some god awful words to go with it. He's basically calling her a 'free loader' and basically banning all bloggers from the hotel (god help the business cause theres an awful lot of us).
He blanked her name out but everyone worked out who she was and sent her abuse on all social media ( which is bullying).

First off I do want to say that don't comment unless you're aware of everything. People don't understand the blogging world so don't comment. I'm going to stereotype here but it seems the older generation cant get their heads around what a blog even is, how you can make money out of doing it and how people go about it.

I think its a very normal thing to do - pitch an idea to a brand to collaborate because its a big old world out there and they might not find you otherwise. I'm guilty of emailing brands to work together and I wouldn't have had some of the amazing opportunities that I've had if I didn't.
Blogging is the new advertising of todays world so think of it like an advertising company pitching to a brand to see if they want to be featured in their magazine/website.
Its nothing different. Its works out for both parties as the blogger receives something in return for a social media presence on their channels and a review which drives customers to the brand which leads to the company making money off the back of that bloggers review.

Don't be put off by this incident or ashamed of offering your services to brands. You've got something amazing to offer!

Hope you liked this personal post.

Laura xox

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  1. I do think bloggers need to contact brands because you might be the perfect fit for the brand or even give them a new take on something etc. However I do think every email sent should be personal to the brand. And within the email some sort of idea/ pitch on what the influencer plans on doing should be mentioned.