Monday, 29 January 2018


Soooo, I get so many questions about what filter I use. It's something that has forever petrified me.

I've always prided myself on being honest and open within the whole blogging world so it doesn't sit well with me that I cant answer your questions about editing. But you wanna know the truth???

Instagram has turned into my life (as sad as that sounds) and theres got to be a couple of things that keep you apart from the rest of all of the influencers/creators/bloggers/instagrammers. Whatever you wanna call them. You need to be able to stick out that big old crowd and one of the ways I do is my filter.

I'm not saying that if I told you then you'd all be using my filter and how I edit but if more did then my instagram account wouldn't be mine.
Its my theme that I've created and its like creating a blog template or a logo, if I showed you all how to do it like I did then wed all have the same.

What I'm trying to say is that you should create a theme and filter that fits with your content, have a play around and come up with something yourself that you can be proud of. Also what I mean by having a theme on instagram - I mean so when you look at your grid on instagram and if you can tell its yours and its the same even if you scroll down 3 grids its still the same theme, then you have a theme. A theme could be similar colours all the time, the way you edit your images, or if you upload in order like outfit, selfie, close up REPEAT then you have a theme.

Make your theme unique and represent your brand that you're putting out there in the big ol' world.

Thanks for reading

Laura xox

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