3 days after

One week after
Before treatment & just after treatment.
Before & After one month on.


EEEEEKKK! Finally letting the cat out of the bag here but i wanted to wait until they were finally healed before i talked about it and showed you. I haven't really been keeping it a secret because i showed the process on instastories - girltalkwithlaura.

But i was invited to Sk:n Clinic in Newcastle but they have clinics all over for a consultation to see which treatment will suit me best. So i went and my main concern was my acne.
Its been a constant problem since i was younger and i finally felt like i was getting somewhere with it until i went to Mexico last year where it seemed to make it flare up major style. When i had my consultation which was so informative, she told me i had severe acne on my face and on my back and because it was over a large part of my body it had to be treated by inside so i had to see what tablets would help. But i decided to go to my doctors for that and focus on a different treatment to blog about. I have wanted my lips done for ages but have never had the courage nor the money. So i thought i would take this opp and get them done. I booked a consultation with the doctor there and i was put at ease to know hes works for the hospital as a surgeon there. He talked about different types of fillers and what was it that i wanted which was just a little plumper lips. Nothing really noticeable but i wanted to be able to see my top lip when i smiled.

So we went a head and he numbed my lips and surrounding area for about half an hour and then it was time, to say i was nervous was an understatement!!
I had heard about the pain and i am becoming such a wimp with pain in my old age. But i thought its just like getting your eyebrows tattooed. He started off nice a light and yeah it hurts but its quick. He shows you the mirror so you can see what hes doing and how it looks after each injection. The filler that i had was Juvaderm Ultra and i think i had around 1ml ( i think!). There was a part when i panicked because after an injection it created a lump but he was so calm and said its okay i just need to massage it which made it go away. He says its normal to feel lumps but not to see lumps so if you find a lump which you can see all you have to do it massage it out.

The swelling wasn't that bad straight after as i was worried because i had to then get the bus home and i thought it would look really bad but it wasn't until the day after that i think the swelling reaally came out which made it really noticeable but i knew it would go down. I also had some bruising which is totally normal but again that didn't come fully out until two days later and lasted about 1 week. The swelling took about 2 weeks for it to go down fully. But now that it has gone down you are able to see the full effects and i love them. Its not until you see the before and after pictures that you notice how small my lips were originally.

I have a routine checkup appointment this week so we will see what he thinks and if i need anymore to make them equal.

I will keep you updated with how they last and if i do get anymore.

Are you thinking about getting them done?
Make sure you do your research beforehand and check out the Sk:n Clinic because they have done an amazing job with mine.

LLC x 

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