Wednesday, 22 March 2017

If you haven't seen the big hype around this big collab with Pixi and 4 amazing bloggers. I absolutely love to see brands collaborating with each other to bring out new products because i always feel YAY GO BLOGGERS. Especially if it included Caroline Hirons because she is legit the skincare guru who  changed my life (blog post about that soon) so i was super excited to see this land on the door step.

These are the best highlighters i have tried in a while and i love the shades as you've got a blush toned one, a light highlighter & a gold one. Perfect shades for every look.
Plus this mascara is the best mascara for the bottom lashes!!!

As i have already said, shes is the skincare queen. So anything she has had her input is gonna be brilliant, and it so is. The double cleanser is amazing and i can see it being amazing for travelling with too as its got the oil cleanser & cleansing cream.

The shades of these eyeshadows are all what i ask for in an eyeshadow palette. You've got a mixture of matte and shimmer which i think its always good to have a mix for all looks.
I'm not really a fan of lip palettes because i think they take too much effort than a lipstick but the colours in this are unreal! I've never seen colours like them in a lip palette as i always find they're normally shades you wouldn't use whereas in this you have the right amount of nudes and colours.

These palettes are just something else! They have both bronzing and contouring AND highlight in one palette. Plus the perfect brush for all.

Have you tried any of these products yet?
Which one is your favourite?


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