Benefit They're Real Mascara V's 2True Pro Paparattzi Mascara | Splurge OR Save | Review |

I find my biggest beauty struggle is finding the perfect mascara. So here i am helping every woman help beat that struggle. Personally, everytime i buy a new one it seems to be a different one as i don't find myself reaching for the same one.

I don't curl my lashes so i need a mascara that can curl them whilst lengthening them and not making them cloggy at the same time. Cloggy may not be a word but when talking about lashes you all know what i mean! 

I've heard amazing things about the Benefit They're Real mascara so when i was sent a sample of it i was over the moon! I was also sent the 2True Paparazzi mascara by Superdrug for winning the bloggers comp. And to be honest with you, i thought ah it will come in handy as a back up for when i run out of my normal one as i know 2true is a cheapish make. 

How wrong was i!! When i first tried it i was in shock. Honestly i cant remember the last time i thought wow at a mascara! Even trying the Benefit They're Real mascara, i knew it was good so i wasn't surprised when it worked wonders on my lashes.

So i thought i would compare them both and see which one i actually like better no taking into account the brand or the price. As you can see from the images there isn't much difference but they both look amazing! 
IF i was to be mega picky here are the things i would say:
  • My left eye seems more curled
  • My left eye seems less clumpy.
Which mascara is on which eye i hear you asking........WELL.

Cheap - 2True Pro Paparattzi which costs £3 is on the left.
Expensive - Benefit They're Real £19.50 is on the right.
Can you believe that i picked the cheap version over the expensive version?! That's never happened in my life.
Don't get me wrong, to look at obviously i would pick Benefit as they're packaging is always amazing and the 2true packaging isn't all that special and the writing has rubbed off due to using it everyday.

Which one would you choose?
Hope this has helped your quest to find the perfect mascara!



  1. WOW! You have managed to find the exact dupe for they're real! *shock horror* I am amazed at the results because it gives such a similar effect, i will definitely be getting the 2true one whilst saving up for they're real


  2. Amazing- I have gotten through 2 tubes of They're Real, I love it and find it really separates my lashes and makes them stand out, but to know there is another product out there at a fraction of the price....I may have to convert!

  3. Thank you for this post... as a result I went out and bought it myself. You can see my thoughts here :-) xx