Lee Stafford Sun Kissed Lightening Spray | Confession Time..

I have a confession to make.

Well you might have read my 'Disappointing products' in May. It included this Lee Stafford products that i bought and i said in my post that i didn't think it worked and it was a waste of money so nobody buy it.

Wellllllllll, i have been using it for about 2 weeks now maybe even 3 because it was annoying me just sitting on my shelf when i really want it to work. So i thought, just try it for a month and if it still doesn't work then at least you've gave it a chance.
My problem is that i wanted to see a difference asap and since i didn't i thought it didn't work.

Roots are a big issue for me. They disgust me in even way, they just drive me mad but i know its hard to maintain them! and also expensive. This is why i wanted it to work so bad.

Anyway, it does work.

I know i know i went on about how much it was a waste of money. But i can certainly see a difference!! It's not so much they've bleached my roots but they have made them lighter. Which is what i've always wanted as when you're quite blonde it makes your natural hair look black when it comes through even though its not. It also makes your hair look more greasy which means you go through batiste like there's no tomorrow. Even when it wasn't greasy, i was using batiste or talc on my roots anyway just to make them seem lighter.

I've been using it like it says to on the bottle, every other day. It doesn't make your hair go crispy either, it just dries in and off you go it gradually works its magic. One spritz on an area is all it needs.

I am so chuffed i gave this another go as its certainly saved me a trip to the salon! I don't mind my roots when they're not black! 

You can also use this all over to make your hair look lighter or on ombre hair!

So i owe an apology to Lee Stafford himself..i am sorry i did not give your product a chance and dissed it.

It does work and its amazing.

Guys, try this if roots are your day to day problem! 
Least i stuck it out for you all to see if this actually does work or not.

Have you tried this? Did it work for you gradually too?



  1. Good to know, could help drag out the time between expensive hair appointments!

  2. I like the sound of this! I did the same thing with my macadamia oil, I used it a couple of times and wrote a review on how rubbish it was...then a month later my hairdresser said my hair was in such a great condition and had grown so much. I realised it was the oil that had worked its magic -like you, I hate it just sitting there so I used it anyway.
    Just shows that some things take time. I'll definitely be looking out for this! Lee Stafford usually impress me.