I love how walking through Manchester you wouldn't know all the hidden gems. If it wasn't for instagram then theres no way I would have stumbled across this beauty of a hotel. Inside Kingstreet Townhouse I don't think you would still realise how beautiful it turns out to be because its not until you get to the rooms and I love that. Its all about the rooms for this hotel (and the pool) but you rarely get that, its normally the hotel grounds that are spectacular and the rooms are just okay.

But the rooms are just something else. We were staying in a suite which is one of the best rooms in there ( lucky us!). So you walk in and the first thing you're greeted with is the views! Its all about the views for this hotel and with two massive floor to ceiling windows you cant miss it. With a suite you get a living room and a bedroom with a gorgeous bathroom with the best shower and his and hers sinks. The sitting room is something thats good but you don't really use unless it has a good sofa (which this doesn't - its more just for show). Then the bedroom you have a massive super comfy bed, with the best bit..the bath. The bath faces the window which is a bit rude but so good to sit having a bath (once you've got in with the curtains closed then get someone to open them once you're in to save any nudity) looking out at Manchester.


We had afternoon tea in the tavern which its got its own little section for afternoon tea because its so popular for them! They had a festive afternoon tea with champagne cocktails which is lovely to book if you're out Christmas shopping and head here after the madness.
The setting is very vintage looking and you almost feel like you're on the setting of Friends. The tables and chairs are so low it makes my bf look like a giant haha!

The best bit about this was defo the macaroon and I NEVER like them. I always feel like they're tasteless. But this one..oh my days! It was chocolate orange flavour with real chocolate in. The best!

On the evening we got room service because I was actually ill so we didn't want to go out plus it makes us make the most of the room. We both got steak and chips which was lush to eat it in our room plus it was cooked amazingly.


Well you can see for yourself, its just bloody amazing. The 'spa' is on the top floor of the hotel which means the views are just so good! Especially since the pool is actually outside ( its just like an open window). I love the fact that they're making the most of the thing that attracts people to the hotel  - the views. They have the pool, a steam room and a lounge room with more large windows - this bit is great for relaxing after your treatments sipping on some fruit infused water just taking in the views. (or napping)

Waking up to these views were the best. Its such a shame you've got to check out at 11am - anyone else think you should get 24 hours in the hotel??? If you check in at 3pm you shouldn't have to check out until 3pm.

Anyway, have you visited Kingstreet Townhouse??

Laura xox


  1. I’m already thinking I might head there for my birthday, it looks so beautiful and I love the idea of spending my birthday money in Manchester, they have the best shopping!

  2. That bath is absolutely amazing!! Sounds so brilliant xx

    Lucy | www.lucy-cole.co.uk

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