Friday, 24 March 2017


You may or may not know but about 4 months ago i had lip fillers and it was the best thing i have ever done. It was something i had wanted for a while but never thought i would actually get it done but then came along SK:N CLINIC and gave me the chance to achieve the look i wanted.

Read my blog post all about it here

4 months on, after a second consultation & a top up here i am. After the procedure, you book in for a consultation so the doctor can see how they are getting on and to see if you need any more in case one side is bigger than the other etc. The one bit of advice i would give is to  proper analyse them before your second consultation as i did and i noticed tiny details, but its all in the details as they can make the biggest difference.
I had a tiny bit more (0.5ml) to even them out and i am so glad i did as they're perfect now!

I had no problems with them whatsoever and the clinic where so helpful and the doctor was great because he knew i wanted natural and when i said a tiny bit here he  knew i meant a tiny bit.

They do hurt when its getting done but its over so quickly. No pain no gain right?!
I can see how people get addicted because i'm already wanting a top up! When you're in the seat getting it done and see it go in you start to panic and think that it's too much because it swells there and then but i wish i had all of my filler but i didn't because i thought it was to much. So don't panic!

I cant recommend SK:N CLINIC enough and you need to know the place you're going to it legit & do your research.

Are you thinking of getting your lips done?



  1. such a good post im thinking about it. do your lips not sag though?

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