Sunday, 7 June 2015

What an appropriate post for a sunday?! 

As you may know i have been on holiday twice already this year and with a long distance relationship it means i am always on the move. So these are literally perfect for me. I hate having cold feet and cant stand wearing socks in the house. So i am a big slipper gal.

And i dont know about you but i always take slippers on holiday. Its just a must for me. All that walking around the apartment and walking out onto the balcony just gets your feet manky and you dont wanna have to wear your shoes. 

These travel slippers are so compact you could and i actually did pop them into your handbag. I was so tempted to put them on during the flight but i thought that might be pushing it.

You get a little bag with them and yes you can actually get the slippers back in, its not like a sleeping back where you just cant for the life of you get it back in. They fold perfectly and pop into the bag and you're ready to go.
They come in two shades of blue.

They were £15 but are now down to £10 so grab them while stocks last!

They're one of my essentials now and i couldn't make a trip without them. Even when i am travelling to Manchester to see the bf they are in my handbag without a doubt. Slippers just make anywhere feel like home.


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