Styling my new Iolla Glasses

 I was invited to the Iolla Manchester showroom to see why the brand stands out from all the other glasses brands.

There is Iolla showrooms in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester  so if you have one close by I do recommend visiting as they have so many styles of glasses as well as sunglasses.

It was obvious as to why the brand stands out and that is because when you first walk in or visit the online website you can see that their prices are very visible and there's a reason for this. Every pair is the same price of £85 and this includes all the extras that you would normally pay more for. Such as: if you need thinner or thicker lenses and you can upload your prescription either online or in store. I loved the whole vibe in the showroom because there's no hidden costs and most of the styles come in different colours and there was so many on my list! It was so hard to narrow it down but I thought I would show you two totally different styles and with different outfits too, because lets be honest - I don't actually need glasses for everyday life but I love the look of them.

This clear pair is GRANT in clear which you can shop here:


I also have a discount code to get you 15% off which is LAURA15which is valid until 30.04.23

In the showroom too they measured to make sure they fit you so well and that's what I like about buying proper glasses rather than fashion glasses because they're so much better quality and made to last. Also the case that comes with it is so cute because it's not one of those bulky one it actually folds down so its flat when you're wearing your glasses. 

I picked these for more my everyday wear so it would be paired with more casual / cool outfits like this one. 

This style is SHAW in black which as soon as I seen them I thought they looked cool as anything so I knew these would be my sunglasses choice! 

Don't forget to use my discount code LAURA15 for 15% off

If you follow me on IG then you will know I love myself some dramatic sunglasses, they give you so much confidence and they make you feel a certain way when you wear them.

So it's only right that this pair has a boujee outfit to go with the sunglasses so this is how I would style them. 

If you struggle with finding the right pair that suits your shape then I do think the showroom will be perfect for you because they have every style available to try on. But if you don't then do have a look at their website and have a look because they do have every kind of style whether you just want that fancy pair of sunglasses or an everyday glasses with your prescription in.

Which style is your favourite?

Laura xx

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