Based in the Lake District, this beautiful scenic hotel has the perfect grounds for a romantic break away. It's that hotel that always holds a place in your memories & heart since its more of an experience than a weekend away.

When we arrived I was blown away by the outside, the building is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, plus the views are spectacular. Inside, its very traditional. By traditional I mean dark, wooden & oldy worldy. To us younger generation this scares us a bit because we think omg its so old. But actually its quite romantic and quirky.

Our room was located upstairs with the best view overlooking the lake which was classed as a double room. It was the biggest room we've ever stayed in with the biggest bathroom too. Since its an old hotel the technology wasn't the best - meaning the TV was aerial TV which was amusing.

We spent our afternoon walking the grounds because we needed to take in the views and make the most of it so after a long walk around the hotel we then got ready for our treatments.

The spa is amazing! It was nice to have a modern part to the hotel & its nice to see you can appreciate the views from the spa too as there is a pool outdoors which is perfect if the sun is out. It was really busy when we arrived so we headed straight for our treatments which were well needed & done the job.

Afterwards, my fav bit is when they take you to relax after your treatment and the area that we were taken to was amazing. It was a light room with fluffy blankets where they tuck you in and wait until you come around after your treatment. It has a balcony where you overlook the outdoor pool which again, lets you take in the beautiful views.

Then it was time to head to dinner which was in their restaurant downstairs which has a lake view. It was amazing food & a proper experience, its no wonder they have 2 rosettes. Afterwards we headed to their super cool cocktail bar which is just a few doors along from their restaurant. Its cosy and intimate & the decor is spot it.
NOTE: dress code - can't wear blue jeans or trainers.

After an amazing nights sleep in the massive bed, we ordered breakfast to the room because we needed to make the most of the massive room with a table right next to the window. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day & its safe to say it didn't disappoint.

Then we had one last trip to the spa since we couldn't use it the day before as it was too busy. There is something about being in the spa in mornings which is even more relaxing. 11am check out times aren't something i'm down for though especially if you cant use the spa after 11am.

So what a perfect trip! It's certainly somewhere that I would go again because even though its oldy worldy its a very grand hotel & thats what makes it special.


Have you been here before?

Laura xox


  1. wow, it looks so peaceful! it looks like you had a great time and your photos are great too xx


  2. It looks absolutely stunning, I would love to visit this place!

    Danielle xx