If you follow me on instagram (if you're not then why the hell not? go do it now - girltalkwithlaura) then you'll know I had a bit of a hair nightmare last year. My normal go to salon that i've been to for about 4 years left me feeling gutted when it wasn't worth the money I pay. So I was left in limbo. I had searched high and low to find this salon so thats why I had stuck with it for so long, so I asked you guys on IG and you all came through!!! So many people suggested Gallery108 so I checked it out and I was blown away by their balayage skills.

So I booked up and went to in for a consultation with Georgia and obvs took about a million photos for inspo because thats what I do, I spend my life on instagram searching hashtags like #balayage #blondehair #extendedroot before heading in because explaining it is just so hard. Anyway we decided to take the unwanted orange and yellow tones in my hair balayage was the best option because that way you can choose which bits you want to paint over. Plus I wanted more brown and an extended root just to add some depth which we had the option of permanent or semi permanent - my hair doesn't hold brown for too long so I was sure I wanted permanent.

 So the day came for the hair change and I was so excited! Its such an easy to find salon on Gosforth high street and its super cosy inside so I was put at ease that my hair will be okay - its nerve racking going somewhere new!

The roots were first and I have to admit, when you've been blonde for so long and you get brown dye put on and you have to sit there staring at it getting darker and darker, it makes you start to regret it. I was SHITTING myself to say the least. But then balayage started by the amazing Georgia and I was super impressed the way its done, its like they're creating a bit of art and I love that idea because it makes it more personal. She knew exactly where to put the icy blonde and where to add the brown to break it up.
We used smart bond because we wanted an icy blonde and obviously want to protect the hair as much as we can when dying it so I highly recommend smart bond (which is like olaplaex).

After the balayage process it was time to wash it out and add a toner (which helps to take away all the yellow tones) and the final step of the smart bond which leaves it feeling silky smooth. Then it was time for the big reveal which is the best bit. The cut was perfect and didn't take too much off as I said I was growing it but took the dead ends off which made it feel thicker.
The blow dry was a no fuss blow dry, quick easy and it actually lasted!

So the final look, and I love it! Who would have thought I'd love my roots so much?! It just adds that bit extra plus because we have colour matched it to my own root colour so when it grows it will be less work and hopefully cheaper!

The blonde was the perfect blonde as there was no yellow in sight and thats the way I like it. But its still got loads of tones in which look lovely when you tie your hair up. So here I am, a massive fan of my new hair, my new salon and I'm super thankful for all the people who suggested Gallery108. We can all agree that Georgia has done an amazing job!

Laura xox

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  1. Your hair is so stunning, so many beautiful tones running through it!

    Danielle xx