Monday, 23 April 2018

When a beauty blogger uses a full product to the point its totally empty, well that means that they bloody love it enough to pick out of their whole collection ( which is huge.) It says something when a blogger has an empty product! This isn't to show off like ooo I have a massive collection but it just shows that I must have really liked using these or seen a difference after using these products and actually need to have them in my collection at all times.
Most of the time when a product runs out, I move onto the next product to try. So I thought it would be interesting to show you what I've actually used until its empty and what I will need to re-purchase.

// First up // Laura Mercier Silk Creme Moisturising Photo Edition Foundation ( I wear shade Cashew Beige) 

This foundation came into my life around a year ago now and I've only just ran out. I don't use it everyday because its a shade that I can only use when I'm more tanned but the consistency of it and how it makes my skin look and feel when its on makes me think I need it in all shades so I can wear it all year round. Its that dewy foundation that us dry skin lovers NEED in our lives. It has an luminous finish which makes it photo ready and it lasts a long time, which is normally hard for dewy foundations because they normally have more moisturising agents in which normally make it easier to slide off your face - but this one, doesn't.

// Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate //

If you're a skincare lover then chances are you'll have heard of this product. If you haven't then I don't know where you've been but I do know where you should be and thats in the queue in Kiehl's with this in your basket. Its a night oil which adds moisture and helps to repair your skin overnight. This bottle has lasted me one year, ONE YEAR!

// Elemis Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream Oil //

My nighttime skin routine is very thorough and I have a lot of products that actually go on my face. Including this one when I feel like I don't need an oil as this is a cream & an oil together so I use this and then my moisturiser rather than a serum, then an oil and then a moisturiser. I have went through this so quick mostly because I have used it a lot! It makes my skin a lot more hydrated.


I couldn't live without this, ever. I use it on all days no matter if I'm having a casual brow day or a more defined brow day. It add colour to all hairs which makes them look fuller and its amazing for those who have tattooed brows that don't need much doing to them but need their actual hairs to look darker and fuller.


This I use on more defined brow days because it has that smaller nib which allows more precision and more hair- like strokes.


This foundation always get forgotten about but it shouldn't. To be honest I have only been loving it since my skin is hydrated because I used to have really dehydrated skin so whatever I used to wear it would drink up my foundation but now my base is good, this foundation goes on like a dream. Its buildable and dewy - what more could you ask for. I use it more for work foundation because you can wear it quite light and thin.


This is probably my most favourite skincare product of all time. BOLD STATEMENT I know. Since I have been on a mission to correct my acne scarring I have been after products like this and I have tried a lot but I feel like this one has been the only one to actually make a difference. It helps to hydrate but also gets rid of redness and scarring. MY HOLY SAVIOUR.


Confession - I didn't used to wear serums up until a year ago because I thought they were pointless because once they were on the skin they would disappear. But thats kind of the point because your skin drinks them straight up. And when I first tried this I was like omg its like water its so pointless. But again, my skin drank it up. I liked to wear this during the day before my makeup because it was light enough to wear this serum and a moisturiser just to keep hydrated during the day.


You all know I love a face oil and this one is probably my favourite because of the smell and texture. It makes your night time more relaxing & you have a better sleep when you wear a face oil with calming scents.


I have fallen in love with the most expensive eye cream there is..typical. I was given this little sample and god I have made this little sample last. I know this is £155 for a 15ml pot but you guys know I believe in investing in your skin, it will thank you. Especially an eye cream!


Since having had my hair done and my roots extended then I needed a dry shampoo thats not going to make my brown roots white. So I found this in my drawers and realised its a clear dry shampoo which is brilliant especially since the brown Batiste dry shampoo's are always more expensive!


When im having more of a lazy I cba day, this comes out because its thicker and a quick one two three and thats your brows done. The Benefit brow collection is the only things I use because they are so easy to apply and last all day even through the gym!

I hope this is interesting for you and an insight into what I use daily!

Laura xox

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  1. I really need to get my hands on Benefit Gimme Brow, everybody seems to absolutely love it!

    Danielle xx