Bloggers events used to be so exciting & I would be so buzzing when I had an event to attend to. But I feel like thats all changed.

When I first started going they used to be fun and exciting meeting new people and working with people who actually knew what it was all about.
Bloggers events are a way to invite bloggers together in their store to introduce them to a new brand or new product. But now I feel like were being used.

Most bloggers charge per blog post if they're sponsored especially if its a subject you wouldn't write yourself. So when a bloggers event is created to get a blog post out of all the attended bloggers is just a bit of a piss take if i'm being truly honest, which you all know I am. A blog post, on an event only bloggers can attend. Excuse me, where is the logic in that?
Or maybe they can get the same treatment which may be a 5 min arm massage and OMG you also get a free one day sample. THE LUXURY.
Honestly, this was expected (even though the invite didn't state - must blog about event) after an event which was legit having a 5 min shoulder massage.
"I went to this amazing event last night which you cant come to but you can get a complimentary 5 min massage that isn't even worth the time because it does nothing but cause you to want to spend £60 on an actual massage, but hey, it was the best bloggers event I've been to"...Hmmm.
I want to actually bring things to you guys that I think are worth it & things that I would be happy spending my own money on.

This all stems down to brands/stores/people being a bit clueless about bloggers. They jump on the band wagon because they know that bloggers are the best form of advertising but they don't really know why or how to go about it.
Realistically, a local bloggers event only works if its to launch a new product which then all bloggers get said product to try. With the hope they might fall in love with this product, which in turn they may pass on to their following.
I honestly don't think local bloggers events can work because its not going to make people shop in that store because chances are, the brands that have these bloggers events are ones people know of anyway. The only bloggers events that work are PR events for brands that gather bloggers to showcase their new product or to introduce a new brand.

Thats one reason.
Another reason is other bloggers.

I love how the blogger community rave about being a community and always being so friendly and accommodating, but I've been made to feel nothing but awkward at bloggers events. Its always the same cliques who don't even say hello even though they pretend they're your bezzies on social media, or those who say hello but don't follow you. The worse times I've had is when I actually spoke quite a lot to said person and then one event they didn't speak to me & unfollowed me on social media because of no reason. I put it down to jealousy which I'm cool with babes but don't be too faced and think i'm gonna speak to you again. CYA.

Obviously theres some really lovely people that I've met before but they're far and few between.

I'd love to hear your experience on blogger events?

Laura xox


  1. I think Blogging events are too directional. They're aimed solely at those who have a high following, brands wouldn't look twice at someone with a lesser following than 2K, it's segregation and why so many people now buy their following, making it harder for those who have earned it, to be invited to events or launches.

    Brands need to invest more time in looking for those who actually post their products without fail, no advertisement requests or monies or gifts, they truly use their products/services in their every day life, before they start to waste time and invest money in those who wouldn't actually benefit them. That way they could then gift products to review or invite those who are really passionate about their company, rather than those with fake followings or just in it for the free stuff, which blogging isn't about. I don't blog, I'd like to start a home blog, as much as I would be amazed and really happy to receive items to 'showcase' I'd want brands to do so because they think I'm a good fit for them and their brand, and I have content that they can relate to and they've seen me use their products/services for some time. Having a business makes me realise that it's not just as simple as gifting bloggers items, because they have a following, I've made the mistake myself before now and it goes to show their following isn't that great, they don't necessarily have as much as an influence as they lead you to believe.

    It's fab you're speaking out about the things 'normal' bloggers are too afraid to air, on the basis they'll think they're putting their chances of freebies/event invitations/paid work with companies out there. There needs to be more of you, standing out from the crowd and only blogging or partnering with products/companies you would actually use daily.

    G'wan Girl! xoxo

  2. OMG I want to know who unfollowed you! I completely agree with everything you're saying here, why does anyone want 25 identical blog posts from people all going on about an event that no one else can attend? I'm trying to steer clear now, I just end up getting SO frustrated about bad lighting .. too many people in the way and trying to think up a different way to get the message across - it's just not worth the time and the posts never perform that well either!

    I love our community here and have made some truly lovely friends up here through blogging, however there are an awful few that make things quite stressful and negative!

  3. I really like your post. I know what you mean about events, sometimes its no worth going from a value point of view but then sometimes I love meeting new people. I loved seeing you at the John Lewis event, it was the first time I had seen you at an event so I had to come up and say hello (and some more ha) I hope you didn't think I was crazy but I know what you mean when people don't speak to you at events, it can be uncomfortable and just mean I suppose

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