Skincare - you're either not bothered & still use face wipes or you're obsessed.

I've been obsessed ever since I was younger when my Mam use to ground me if I used face wipes & I just didn't get it at all. Like surely they're not that bad?! Well thanks Mam, thats some advice I've listened to (I didn't listen to: don't shave your legs or pluck your eyebrows though)

However, despite the good advice from Mother Hen about not using face wipes I still ended up with bad acne from 17-24. I've only just got it under control and learnt what to use and what not to use so my skin still isn't the best as I'm still a girl with hormones and scars.

If you want to watch my acne youtube video where I talk all about my acne journey then click here 

Ever since I came back from uni when I was about 22 because lets face it, I didn't have enough money to put the heating on so I wasn't going to spend it on skincare was I?! So it was only 4 years ago that I started taking skincare serious but I still had really bad acne so I had to tackle that first. So numerous acne tablets later ( 3 years on) and when I had more money to spend I started branching out.

I always remember growing up thinking that No7 was a good skincare brand (its not stay away) so when I received my first Elemis gift for Christmas I was over the moon and couldn't wait to try it. My love for Elemis started when I had a facial at a spa once and I fell in love with the products because they smelt insane but my skin also looked insane.

The first products I got were: day cream, papaya enzyme peel and pro collagen night cream 

I fell in love after the first week of using the night cream because my skin felt so soft. If you have seen my Acne Journey video then you will know that I have been drying my face out since I was 17 years old because I thought my skin doesn't need anymore moisture if its creating spots. So since I was using a night cream I started to notice a massive difference to the way my foundation went on & was less flakey.

But after using the whole lot of the night cream & day cream I was HOOKED. I knew I had been skimping on skincare and you could tell by my skin so when a really good product came along it drank it up like there was no tomorrow.
Ever since I haven't used cheap skincare & I truly believe my skin is so much better for it. I have wished for better skin since I was younger & I would use anything so if you're like me, then its important to invest in your skin.

It will thank you for it, I promise.

So now, 2 years on i'm still obsessed with Elemis because it is one of the best skincare brands for moisture & keeping your skin plump. My fav products are:
- Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night cream 
- Pro Collagen Marine Cream
- Superfood Facial Oil
- Peptide4 Night Recovery Cream oil
- Pro Collagen Marine Oil
- Frangipani Monoi body cream
- Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm

So if theres one tip that I give you about skincare, its to invest in good products and brands. They're more expensive for a reason because they have better ingredients that are good for your skin. Plus they last longer & you'll notice a difference!

Whats your favourite skincare brand?

Laura xox


  1. you have included so many great products!! i do think that spending a little more on skincare will always benefit your skin, i think i need to start investing in some more higher end skincare bits xx


  2. I don’t think any of us listened to our mums when they said “don’t pluck your eyebrows or shave your legs” aha.

    This is one brand I’ve not looked into. But I defiantly will be. I’m currently looking for a good cream for under my eyes to hide those bags without using concealer?? Can you recommend?

    Much love