Being a blogger outside of London is hard. Don't get me wrong, I get frustrated with getting all these invites to these wonderful blogger events that could lead to amazing jobs and meeting loads of amazing bloggers. Because lets face it. Bloggers events anywhere else just aren't the same.

More brands are wanting to meet up to have coffee and a chat about how you could work together but again, thats in London. I live in Newcastle, I ain't gonna get a 3 hour train for a 1 hour meeting.
Although I have made a pact to visit London more I just can't visit just for a meeting.

London is full of posh instagrammable cafe's and locations which are perfect for photo shoots with other bloggers which make the perfect photo shoot. Whereas where I live, are basic cafe's with no one around who understands blogging.

So, how do you become a blogger outside of London?

1 - Find your own locations that suit your style.

I have been know to wander the streets of a certain town just to find certain locations where 'it will do'. Search on instagram your town to see if anyone tags a photogenic location & always keep your eyes open when you're out and about because you may just spot one good wall or one pretty street thats perfect for that OOTD. Most of my shoots are done on top of a shopping centre car park!

2 - Find someone who will be your photographer

You may not know this, but my Mam is my photographer. My dad used to be but he drew the line when I asked him to take a photograph of me in the middle of our estate and he was dead embarrassed haha. I also use my friends when I'm out with them. They may not understand but try to have the right setup and lighting before you get them to take it so it cuts out 'oh that doesn't work take another one'. Because people can get frustrated easily but we know if its right or not. I have had to train my Mam & boyfriend when they take my images because I know the shot I want but I cant control what they do so its been a lot of bossy shoots where I'm shouting 'wrong angle, you're too close, you've chopped my head off' etc. So stick with it and they will get there! Now, its my Mam telling me right we need close ups, change pose etc haha!
If you have nobody then search for a photography student who is studying because chances are they will need experience and it could work both ways.

3 - Just do you.

Simples. Living in a certain area doesn't define you as a blogger nor will it stop you. So carry on doing what you love and you will get to where you want no matter what your postcode is.

Laura xox


  1. absolutely love this post, im always thinking to myself oh my god id love to live in london because it seems to be where all the blogging takes place and there are so many great places for photos!! i live about 3 hours from london too so it just makes it such a long day with 5-6 hours of travelling!! but some great tips, i loved this xx


  2. Love this post! I live just outside London but it's still quite expensive to travel in and I can't justify it unless I'm making full use of my day there x