Finding a good spa is like finding a good bra, once you find one, you use it all the time and you never try anything else. 

Well my mission is to find you guys the best spa's because lets face it, they're expensive. 

Seaham hall is based in the North East in Seaham which is right on the sea front, you can actually walk along the beach to take in those icy cold views and to get some colour in your cheeks.
The drive up to Seaham Hall is lovely and grand, then you come to the water feature ( which mostly looks like it needs a good clean - one of the features I would change about this hotel) but the outside is amazing and very grand. The inside is just as amazing. You have the restaurant right at the front which is one of my favourite restaurants! But I'll get onto the food later.

All the staff are amazingly helpful - which always makes your stay 10 times better! 

We got shown to the spa which if you enter through the hotel is so cool - you go through the door that open when you walk past ( its like something out of a film) and you walk along the path to the big elephant which is the grandest entrance to a spa I have ever seen. 

The spa is massive! Theres beds everywhere so if you need a lay down you can no problem, when we were there there were people just napping everywhere - I don't blame them! The facilities in the spa are great and exactly what you need. Theres plenty to do like sauna, jacuzzi, outside jacuzzi, plunge pool if you're brave, steam room and Turkish steam room which is so cool! Not to mention their massive pool. Another feature I would change is that the whole spa is amazing but the pool is a bit boring compared, it needs have the pool going outside and then more space inside for lounges. 

Theres fresh fruit water everywhere around the spa which I LOVE it when they do fruit infused water. 


We went to have lunch in the OZONE restaurant which is a pan - asian cuisine that does the best food! Its not really the type of food you think would be in a spa but its surprisingly refreshing. We had lots of starters for our main because we wanted just picky bits and it was gorgeous! I have recently seen they do a pan - asian afternoon tea which would be good to try.

They also have a restaurant for dinner if you stay at the hotel called Byron's restaurant which offers an indulgent dining experience - and it defo offers that! The decor is amazing but the best bit has got to be the BREAD!!! oh my goodness what is this bread, its the best bread I've ever tasted!!!!! The whole meal was just gorgeous and I HIGHLY recommend eating here if you stay.


If you're debating whether or not to book a treatment, then DO IT. The whole thing if you get a treatment is just so good.

You go down to their treatment rooms which they have 17!!! Its just so clean and the decor throughout is just perfect as its all fitting with its far eastern vibes.
When you go through to your room they start with a foot wash which I think it great and I love it when they start with warm stuff on your feet because when you're taking off your clothes in a room its sometimes freezing and warming your feet just makes all the difference.

The massage was amazing too and makes you drift off into my own little world. Then after the massage they take you into the relaxation room where you lay on heated beds eating raspberry sorbet until you can be bothered to get up again!

THE ROOM - executive suite

NOW, the room!!! Just look at it guys - ITS BLOODY GORGEOUS.

We were absolutely speechless, it took me ages to actually take it all in and I just kept running from room to room. The executive suite is actually joined onto the ADA love lace suite for weddings and I think its perfect for weddings! But for us for one night was just too much, we could have lived there!

It had its own sitting room with a fire, a massive TV, a massive comfy sofa, a coffee machine, working station and amazing views!
The bathroom had a massive bath, a lush shower and his and hers sinks.
The bedroom was the biggest we've ever had! In fact the whole room must be the biggest room we've ever stayed in. I love how the bed is on a step it just makes it feel so grand - the little things ey!

But you don't need to stay in one of the best rooms to get this quality as all of their rooms are such a high quality! We also walked past the ADA LOVE LACE SUITE which I'm guessing is the honeymoon suite/ wedding suite and that is just on another level.

Check out the rooms here

Breakfast was gorgeous - and especially waking up to these views! I just wish we didn't have to leave, one night is never enough.

Thank you Seaham Hall for an amazing stay!!

Have you been here before?

Laura xox


  1. Seaham is right at the very top of my spa lust list .. really hoping that next year we actually make it there!

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