Friday, 3 November 2017


In this whole 'blogging community' there is a lot of us, not too many because theres always room for anyone who is creative, and its so easy to get jealous. I done it the other night for example, I'm not even ashamed to say because it was a good jealousy.

Yes there is such a thing of good jealousy because it makes you want to succeed more. It pushes you to do your best and even better. I got jealous of someone on Instagram (@laurasfitloves to be exact ) because I was following her when she had a small following but I noticed the other night that she's storming ahead of me. BUT I was so happy for her because what she does is amazing and she works just as hard on her booty as I do taking photos plus it totally inspired me to try even harder because its so easy to get down about Instagram because its so rubbish atm. People get so jealous and bitter when they see other people getting more followers than you because lets be honest - Instagram is a numbers game. I'm here just chilling at 18k watching people fly by but thats okay. I'm doing it at my own pace in my own time.

BUT, remember it needs to be a good jealousy because bad jealousy is just sad. Don't try to take others down with you when you're on the self destruct because you're jealous of what others do and what others get out of it. I think its so amazing that blogging gives us a voice that a lot of people can hear, but don't use it to bad name other people with your negative vibes. Jealousy isn't only about saying bad things but jealousy is also when NOTHING is said. Like when you succeed and others don't congratulate you or support you throughout your journey.

So, moral of the story here is to turn that jealousy into positive vibes and use it to push you further.

p.s have you seen my first youtube video????


  1. This is such an interesting post! I agree with you that jealousy can make people succeed more - that's definitely what it does to me x

  2. I am scorpio and as it is common with them, I know jealousy very well. For me it is really difficult to use it in a good way. It erodes me and I can´t take one single clear thought. Hope I will get as far as you one day and learn to handle it better.

    Best wishes,