So a couple of months ago I visited Langdale hotel which is located in the Lake District. Its in Langdale (hence the name) which is next to Grasmere - famous for their Ginger bread and Baldrys Tea room. Which you HAVE to visit if you stay at this hotel because they're amazing. Baldrys tea room is famous for its lemon meringue but I also love their soup and savoury food just as much as their sweet treats.

Langdale is on the plot of land as Brimstone hotel which I have stayed at before but Langdale is cheaper so if you love the location but you're on a budget then this is the hotel for you.
The rooms aren't compromised though - just look at the images of the bedroom! You walk in to two big free standing baths, a massssssive bed which is the comfiest ever. You also get a sofa and seating area with a second TV. It was defo a wow type of room when you step in!

The baths were defo the best bit about the room! The water actually comes from the ceiling which is such a wooowwww moment haha but its good that you both get your own bath which is better with wine. Glass of wine, bubbles and a film in the background whilst having a good old chit chat with your loved one, is there anything better?

The Langdale spa is a bit dated but only because I visited The Brimstone spa which I recommend highly even though its expensive. But you're saving on the room if you book the Langdale instead of the brimstone hotel anyway.

I love the new restaurant The Stove too as its so modern and fancy! The food was amazing too.
I highly recommend having breakfast in bed so you don't have to leave because I can guarantee you won't want to leave.

Have you missed me guys?? I have been rubbish at uploading because I have been trying to balance my blog with my youtube channel and real life.. p.s HAVE YOU WATCHED ANY OF MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS???

Laura x


  1. I definitely need to get myself booked in here, it looks absolutely AMAZING!

    Emily xo

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