Monday, 4 September 2017


I'm all about luxury beauty products ATM because once you start to introduce a couple of luxury/designer pieces into your routine, it makes the high street once stand out like a sore thumb. Plus you totally notice the quality difference. But to make sure you spend your money wisely because lets face it, it could be costly if you invest in a certain piece and it turns out that you don't like it or its not suitable for you. You want it to know that its worth that extra bit don't you?!

Plus, I know what its like to fall into the designer trap where you just want a product from a certain brand just to have something designer. I fell for the NARS trap. I bought their foundation, concealer, blusher, powder and lipsticks. All of which I never use and would rather reach for high street brands! They're just not products I would rate and certainly not buy again!

So here I bring to you a brand that I have been LOVING lately since firstly getting my hands on a lipstick and then later falling for everything. Marc Jacobs Beauty is that luxury makeup brand that you know you're going to get your moneys worth. The lipsticks are my favourite but just look at that blusher! Plus how amazing does the eyeliner look !!

I love the sleek packaging because lets face it you want nice pretty packaging too if you're paying that bit extra.
I'd just like to add that the NARS packaging looks fab but as soon as it goes in your makeup bag its destroyed! That matt packaging attracts all sorts of muck.

(I don't have it in for NARS I promise, I was just highly disappointed)

The packaging on the lipsticks of this Marc Jacobs lippy is my fav though. It closes with a magnet. So its super easy to open and close. I'm dying to get my hands on some more nude shades!

Whats your fav luxury beauty brand?

Laura x

*products gifted by Dowal Walker PR*

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