Manchester, a place that is like my second home. But a place I don’t get to explore as much as I like to. 

Selfridges, a place where dreams start, a place where dreams happen.

So I got invited to visit Manchester with an overnight stay in the best hotel in Manchester, dine at the best restaurant in Manchester, and spend the day in the best shop in Manchester.

If you don’t know already then my bf lives in Manchester so I went down to stay at his before heading to the city centre which I much prefer than Newcastle! I love the accent, how polite people are compared to in Newcastle and obvs the shops.

We started off in Selfridges on the bottom floor where we found ourselves dining in the Gran Cafe which is located next to the Louboutin beauty counter - HANDY.
The cafe is the most instagrammable cafe I’ve probably ever been to. Marble everywhere, the best photographic drinks and its so bright - natural light - THANK THE LORD. I love natural light for my images and its normally so hard when you go to restaurants to get this. 
Its actually the same kind of restaurant as the cafe upstairs on the second or third floor but its just a bit more casual downstairs. Its so busy but you understand why when you go. They do the best food as well! I recommend the chicken caeser salad with an aeperol spritz and to finish a fererro rocher desert. 

After we stuffed our faces we went and had a tour of the shop - its so bloody big. I would have liked to have seen the personal shopping area as thats like my dream job, shopping and spending other peoples money. But yes we spent a good several hours wandering around the shoe and bag department which I have a wish list as long as my arm. 

Then I was lucky enough to grab a spot at the Christian Louboutin beauty counter (which you can all do too for free!) to find out more about their beauty range and to try some bits out as I have never actually tried any. Because they don’t do the full range of makeup they don’t charge for appointments and you get a glass of fizz. So the lovely girl on the counter took my eye makeup and brows off so she could start fresh. Passed me a glass of chocolates, my glass of fizz and sprayed me with the most AMAZING perfume ever. Theres no question that I need it in my life, its a must. 
The packaging on every single item is amazing and so fabulous you actually don’t mind paying the extra dollar to have makeup as posh as that. Plus its not just for show, like the products are actually good too. My fav being the mascara, their lip liner and their lipstick. I felt so glam walking out of their with my makeup all fresh and smelling Devine! So I went and found my wandering bf and headed to out hotel.

Walking into the hotel at The King Street Townhouse you wouldn’t think it was the best hotel in Manchester. It was just normal. 
THEN you went to your room - we had a Junior Luxe suite and it was out of this world. The best room we’ve ever had and I mean we stay in some gorgeous hotels. There was a massive bed with the most comfiest bedding, when we got into bed no matter where you head was, it was comfy. We did not wanna get out of bed the next morning to check out I will tell you that now.
But yeah it had a massive bed, the BIGGEST bath we’ve ever had, the best bathroom we’ve ever had, with a sitting room, bookshelves, a radio with the biggest mirror AND the best robes we’ve ever had. There’s a lot of ‘ever had’s ‘ in there! That shows just how good the room was. But that wasn’t the best bit about the hotel.

Now, you guys know I love a spa. My middle name might as well be SPA. Laura Spa Cranston. 

The King Street Townhouse’s spa IS THE BEST POOL I’VE EVER BEEN TO. Their spa was up on the 7th (or 6th) floor with the pool overlooking Manchester. Its the views that make it. Theres also a room next to the pool with beds there to lounge about, drink water and look out at Manchester some more. Theres also a steam room but as a spa it is quite small but the pool just beats it. We didn’t even go in the steam room because we spend all our time in the pool.

THEN, a massage. Now I say this every time I get one but she literally got every single knot out. And I had a lot. Its been a long time since I last got a massage and I have a very hands on job ( I’m a visual merchandiser) so I like to get them quite often because of all the heavy lifting I do But yeah she was amazing, so thorough. 

Okay I’m rabbiting on and I’ve totally skipped our meal the night before and the amazing breakfast. 

The meal was at Neighbourhood which you can dine at but you can also head there on a night out which I found so bizarre because I felt we were eating and everyone else was just getting pissed but once we started eating it seemed everyone came in for food. It was lush and the cocktails were amazing. For desert we got one of those melting chocolate balls with ice cream and caramel mmmmm. 
Its in the perfect location for heading out after too but because I’m old I went back for a cuppa in bed. 

Breakfast, because I am obsessed with breakfast. I wanted it in the room because I like to order a lot because I eat a lot and I feel no pressure when I’m in bed eating it all plus it makes for some good images for the gram life. 

On the food theme, we also had afternoon tea there too which was lovely but so random. Its in the back room to the cavern and the table are so low that my 6 ft 2 bf struggled to fit his knees under haha! 
But nothing like another glass of fizz whilst eating scones. 

Time to leave Manchester, boooo! But I will be back. Infact I’m already here again now as I write this post because I’m dying to go back to Selfridges and eat in their amazing cafe and drool over the Chloe bags. 

Have you visited the Selfridges in Manchester?

Laura x

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