The frowned upon, the secret that no one talks about. Botox. What’s so bad about botox? In fa whats so bad about any cosmetic procedures? If it’s something that you want to do and it makes you happy why should other people judge? 

‘How old are you?’
‘You don’t need it’

Blah blah blah. Thats what I hear when people know I have had botox because I’m very open with everyone that I have had botox. Theres one main reason that I had it done. Not to look younger because yeah I agree I think I am too young to start it for that reason. I’m not worried about wrinkles as such but I was very conscious about my frown line because I could see it in photos even when they’re outfit shots. I look moody all the time and I was frowning even when I didn’t mean to. I had a constant deep line in-between my nose. So thats why I got it done and I am so bloody pleased I didn’t listen to anyone because its made such a difference and now I can just relax and not having to make sure I’m not frowning all the time. 

Anyway to the procedure. 

I had a consultation at the sk:n clinic in Newcastle on Grey Street which consisted of having a chat about what I want and where etc. She told about the side effects such as if you touch it 48 hours after then you can end up moving it to another muscle because its basically a muscle relaxer. So if you touch where you’ve just had it done then you could push it elsewhere making another muscle deformed (such as a high eyebrow or a droopy eyebrow if you have it in your brow).
You can’t have a hot steamy bath or go to any spa’s or visit the gym and do any exercise in 48 hours. (That wasn’t hard tbh)

So she drew on where she was going to inject, took photos and moved me onto the bed. No numbing cream, nothing. You don’t even need numbing cream because its so pain free and quick you could get it on your lunch break. No redness after either which is good.

She also mentioned which is important to remember that it doesn’t actually kick in for up to two weeks. So don’t think you’re not going to be able to frown straight away because it took at least a week for mine to kick in. It’s not like one day you will wake up and you’ll be stiff but its gradual and it ends up being like omg I can’t frown and I didn’t even notice. 
You only notice because it feels weird when you try to frown, it just feels a bit heavy. 

It lasts for up to 9 months give or take a few months depending on how ‘stiff’ you want to be. 

I can see how its addictive but as long as you know when to stop and not to go overboard then a little bit of botox never hurt anybody. 

Hope this helps anybody thinking of getting it done and I highly recommend the SK:n Clinic.


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