Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Playsuit by Zara ( Shop similar here at Missy Empire)

Sliders by JDsports

Bag by Zara (Shop similar here at La Redoute )

Sunglasses by River Island

How sad, it's my last look! I think this is my favourite holiday lookbook so far. It was an absolute pleasure to shoot and edit because the location was just so on point (review of the hotel coming soon) so it wasn't difficult finding places to shoot which looked good but also where everyone wasn't going to stare. Although people still do stare but I'm so over that now ahah!

Which has been your favourite look? Mine has to be this one because I felt so confident in this outfit because the top and pants are just so flattering and the wedges made everyone look. I felt like a million dollars! I have enjoyed my daytime outfits too this holiday because I'm a diva and I wanna get dressed up for breakfast then go back and take it all off and put a bikini on. 

I hope this has inspired you all if you have holidays coming up which if you do I am very jealous because thats all my holidays done. (if you know me I am sure to book another one because lets face it, I'm a holiday-holic)

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Laura x


  1. omg such a lovely playsuit, you look lovely xx

  2. I love this playsuit, so tempted to buy one like this! x