Monday, 1 May 2017


Perfume is seen as just something to make you smell nice. We buy perfume that WE like the smell of, but its said that you should never be able to smell your own perfume. So why do we buy perfume we like if its for other people to smell? Perfume isn't just about smelling nice. It has so much power that we don't give it credit for. We associate certain smells with certain memories, certain people, certain occasions. Hence why people buy a different perfume for their wedding and i totally get that.

When i smelt this Gucci Guilty Intense perfume, it brought back SO many memories of something that i spent a lot of time with at uni and it made me smile. It brings back memories that you wouldn't usually think of or remember but i think if a scent is involved then it helps us remember better.
I also chose Michael Kors Glam Jasmine because it reminds me of holiday because i bought it once on the plane to a holiday destination and it was a good holiday so why wouldn't i want to be reminded of that.

When a stranger walks by, its always a case of oo they smell nice or OMG he smells like my ex. Whatever memory, good or bad, it brings it straight back to you.

Create your own memories.

Whats your favourite perfume?


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  1. Grand choice. But perfume isn`t only a sign of success and self-confidence, it's also a mood. For me, it's important woody perfume . To this choice of such, I came by chance, but this is the best I have ever had in my collection of perfumes. As for memories, I absolutely agree that every scent generates an old and well-known story in memory. So have a nice smell!