Sunday, 5 March 2017

SPRING! Yes, the S word is being used now. How exciting?! I am super excited as this means our skin will stop getting harmed by the harsh weather, the bright lipsticks can come out and a new shade of foundation.

Good job FENWICK's have their beauty week on RIGHT NOW, starting 4th march until 12th March.

Beauty week is held in store so all the concessions can showcase their latest products, and in this case, their spring makeup collections. There are loads of offers in store available such as makeovers for as little as £15 plus DUN DUN DUNNN..

This amazing beauty bag FREE when you spend £100. Now, i know what you're thinking. 'I'm never going to spend £100' but, Fenwick challenged me to see what i would spend my £100 on and its so easy! I mean i only bought three things and i went over the budget. If you buy your essentials such as foundation, moisturiser and lipstick that's it gone.

When i went in looking to spend my £100 i knew i needed a new foundation (you always need a new foundation) so i headed to Estee Lauder to get the Double Wear as i have heard amazing things so had to try it for myself. £32 down.

Next was a good base, i have had trouble with my foundation lasting all day at work so i headed to Bobbi Brown because i have always wanted to try their skincare. I told her my problems and she said this was my problem solver. Its a mosturiser and primer in one. SOLD. £41 down.

I now have £27 left to spend. But i have been lusting after a Tom Ford lipstick since forever. So i naturally headed over to the beautiful counter and was drawn to this matte lipstick called First Time.. £40 down. OOPS I AM OVER BUDGET.

But i get a free beauty bag worth over £100, so its okay to go over.

Plus this beauty bag is super cute, just the bag not even just stuff inside. Its the best spring makeup bag i have ever seen. Now, to the good bits. Inside you have a mixture of skincare, makeup and even a nails inc nail varnish.

Want to know more about the Fenwick beauty bags? READ THIS

 What would you spend £100 on? Have something in particular in mind?


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