I was invited to Seaham Hall to experience a spa day just before Christmas and i couldn't wait. They have a hotel and spa and it looks amazing so i think i will have to pay their hotel a visit too..

We arrived up to the amazing gates and it just looks so posh! I had to get a few outfit pics because of the lush backdrop. They even have a ski bar which is so cute especially in the winter. Their grounds are great for afternoon walks or even morning walks along the coat because you are right next to the sea.

When you walk into the spa you are greeted with amazing big ceilings and cute elephant tea pots filled with raspberry tea whilst you fill in some forms for the spa. You then get the grand tour which you actually need because it is so big and there are so many rooms to explore. We go through to get changed into our robes and slippers and start exploring, starting with the spa shop first which is great if you love spa products (which i do). We then went for dinner at their pan Asian restaurant (yes in our robes) which is very different to any other spa. It was nice to have something different other than just sandwiches. We order coffees and out comes out appetizer which is prawn crackers with sauces for us to nibble on whilst looking at the menu. I order duck pancakes for starter and beef steak teriyaki which can i say was the best!!! Nothing too filling before taking a dip.

After filling our bellies we then went into the spa which was nice and bright. There's loads of sauna rooms and steam rooms which you can take your time exploring them. There's fruit water to help hydrate you with magazines and books to help you relax (like you need help). The best was a Turkish bath which was inside a steam room! The sauna was also my fav as you had a proper hot one and a warm one but the really hot one was amazing!

They also have outside Jacuzzi's, what better way to take in the surroundings.

We then went up to the treatment rooms where you get to have a lay down on the most comfiest beds to wait for the therapist to come and collect you, which also has outside section too for in the summer.
We were taken downstairs to our rooms (they have 17 all together). We both went into our rooms and the therapist started by cleaning your feet to help relax you and cleanse you. (plus nobody wants to touch your dirty feet).
We had a Ytsara neck, back and shoulder massage with a mini facial. It was heaven. Absolute heaven. Thinking back at it i so need another one!
There's plenty of treatments to choose from plus beauty treatments.

The best bit is still to come though. After you've been made to feel totally relaxed, you get taken back to the relaxation room where you lay before your treatment but on better beds. These beds are heated and you get a blanket with a little reading light plus some raspberry sorbet and water. YOU FEEL SO RELAXED. You couldn't be anymore relaxed.

We then went to get ready because it was nearly time to go home but before we did leave we went back to the Ozone restaurant for a coffee and they surprised us with a birthday plate because they asked if there was a reason we came that weekend and i said it was my mams birthday that week so they gave her a birthday slice of cake which i thought was lovely of them!

It was the most loveliest day and i cannot wait to go back.

Thank you for treating me & my mam SEAHAM HALL


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