Friday, 18 November 2016


I have been swooning over Stacker jewellery boxes since forever. I just think they are the most useful and beautiful things ever. I hate when your jewellery gets all tangeled up and you end up losing some because you have no where good to store it. Especially if you end up forgetting what you have because its all hidden away ( like i do) but not anymore.

I have paired up with Stackers to bring you a discount code (aren't i nice) and to show you the most beautiful rose gold 3 tear stacker. They are the best christmas present for any girl or boy, man or woman. Men love to show off their watch collection and you can get stackers specifically for watches, women who have too many Pandora charms, they do stackers specifically for charms and your bracelet. The list is endless. But if you're like me and love this white rose gold one then you need to act quick because it is limited edition. 
Every persons jewellery collection is different, so that is why you can buy each stacker layer seperately. If you own more rings that anything why not get two layers of the ring organiser. Plus the top layer of each stacker is portable with its fastening on the lid you can simply close it and take it away with you to keep your jewellery organised whilst travelling.

They also do collaborations with jewellery designers and you could get some lovely jewellery in your stacker..find out more over here

If you want to treat yourself or treat someone to a lovely christmas present then use my code 'girltalk10'

Who are you going to buy a Stacker for?


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