I have major holiday blues right now and looking forward to start looking for next years holidays which lead me to this post. A holiday is a pretty big deal as they are a lot of money and especially if you only have one holiday a year you want it to be amazing. Therefore you wanna know you're going somewhere worth the money. This is where i come in, i want to try and visit as many places as i can so i can guide you on where i have been and where is worth the money.

So this year i have been lucky enough to have visited a number of places and i wanna talk about them. So this weeks posts are all going to be places i have been this year and in depth so you can suss out whether they are for you or not. 

In September i visited Cyprus for the first time. We stayed at The King Jason Protaras which only just opened in May 2016 which was a bit scary booking a hotel that wasn't even finished yet but it was totally worth it as it looked exactly like it did in the brochure. 
We booked all inclusive and the room we booked was a one bedroom suite. There are two types of rooms which are: one bedroom suite or a deluxe studio and by talking to other guests at the hotel the only difference is that the one bedroom suite has sliding doors which means you can close off the bathroom and bedroom which was quite handy if you needed privacy. 
Anyway i am already rambling, back to the start. When we arrived at the hotel (45mins transfer from airport) we were greeted with a glass of champers which is always nice!

We were shown to our room and it was love at first sight. It was probably the best room i have stayed in abroad, it was so trendy and current. Pretty much everything was marble (bloggers dream) and it was all bright and clean. With quirky wallpaper, lights and mirrors.
Then we went outside onto the balcony (which was canny small) and we were greeted with the view of the pool which looked amazing. You could also see the sea as the hotel was right on the front and you could hop skip and jump to the beach. The beach looked lovely and the sea looked even better.

By the time we unpacked and had a wander it was tea time which i was super looking forward to as i love a buffet!
The food looked unreal! There was a bread counter which had lots of different types of bread, a veggie corner,  a dessert corner and also the hot food counter which there was a different theme everynight so you didn't eat the same thing.
Breakfast buffet was even better but that is just cause breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. You had hot full english, bread, croissants, fruit, cereal and sandwhich making things.
For lunch you had bread, hot food, amazing salads, soup and desserts.
Drinks you had the best cocktails but also branded drinks which was good because at some all inclusive hotels they don't do branded drinks.
If you wanted a drink around the pool then the waiters would come round and take your order which is handy and by the end of the holiday they knew my order off by heart so they just brought 2 mojitos over without asking. 

The staff were super friendly and you couldn't have asked for better staff. Everyone made friends and everyone i spoke to loved the hotel just as much as us. 

The hotel even has a spa and when you arrive you get given a little voucher to go and have a free taster massage for about 4mins but it gives you an idea of what its like which is such a good idea. So we ended up booking and i got a back massage and a facial which was good to hydrate that sunburnt skin. The hotel has a gym which is handy to burn off all those plates of food off.

The pool area is the best bit about the hotel. The sunbeds are amazing and the only hotel to actually provide cushions on every sunbed! There are normal sunbeds but also circle sunbeds which are the comfiest bed you'll ever lay on. Yes you do need to get up and reserve them early if you want one ( i know you're not meant to but thats life and i wanted one ). Plus there was no better way to chill on a morning when nobody was around but laying on that big circle bed with the sun just starting to come out and listening to the relaxing music they played around the pool.

The only thing about the hotel is that there is no entertainment which didn't bother me as there is nothing better than a cup of tea and bed personally! I know i am so old.

There is a separate greek restaurant which is only open certain nights. It was great if you wanted a different scene and to try their local food and local wine or beer. I really like greek food so this was good to try!

The whole feel of the hotel is totally relaxation. With the music, the look of the hotel, the comfy seating areas, the friendly staff, everything!
I have never felt so relaxed. If that is the type of holiday you're after then i highly recommend this hotel.

Check out their website for more images etc.

Have you visited Cyprus before?
Would you like to visit this hotel?



  1. I am so happy that you liked it here because Cyprus is my absolute favourite place in the world! It will always be my first choice when it come to holidays, I would recommend it to anyone! I usually stay just outside of Ayia Napa (known for its clubbing scene but an amazing place even if that isn't your thing) and the people are always amazing, the food is incredible and the beaches are, in my opinion, the best you will find anywhere in the world. My parents toured the Caribbean for their honeymoon and they said the beaches weren't half as pretty as the ones in Cyprus are, thank you for sharing this hotel, it looks amazing!


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