Shade Adjusting Drops

So aren't these just the best things ever invented?
I love when a product like this comes into my life and i question 'WHY HAS IT NEVER BEEN INVENTED BEFORE THIS?' 
So the idea with these is that we can never find the right shade of foundation. Which is 100% right. Its either too orangey, too pale, too pinky, just not right but we try to get the closest to it and hoping powder and bronzer will make it all okay. Well now you can buy these little cute pots depending on what your problem is, whether you foundation isn't dark enough or its too dark. My problem is that i holiday quite a lot so my foundation never matches then but then in the winter i go quite pale so in my case i need both of these.
One drop is going to change your foundation 1/2 a shade darker or lighter.
Uh-mazing right?!

Honey Bronze Bronzing powder 

Finding a good bronzer is the key to your makeup looking good i reckon. If you've got an orangey looking bronzer but your foundation is good then you wont be able to see it because you're distracted too much by the bad bronzer. This bronzer is super cute with its packaging and first thing i check is the SHIMMER. STAY AWAY FROM SHIMMER. There is a difference between highlighter and shimmer bronzer. A matte bronzer is what you need and this is the perfect shade. Its the inbetween high street and high end.

Eye Shadow Palette
I don't normally go for these type of shades as i am normally a brown girl but this is a muted smokey eye palette. Which i really like as the shades aren't OTT. You may not be able to tell but the colours you get in this palette are: a light pink shimmer (perfect for that base), a matte grey, a shimmer silver and a shimmer chrome.

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