Friday, 2 September 2016

Bedding - Primark
Marble Cushions - Primark

Lip stick holder - Ebay
Notebook - TKmaxx
Flowers - The Range
Marble box - TKmaxx

Cushion - H&M

Frames - Poundland
Marble box - TKmaxx

Grey small box - Primark
Bin - H&M
Small table - Ikea

 Marble dish - H&M
Candles - H&M

 Gold spotty dish - Tesco
Marble notebook - Tkmaxx

You have all been asking for a room tour on instagram as i post quite a lot of interior images and tbh i have been wanting to do one since i moved into this room but i have always wanted to get it right before i did. I am so happy with my bedroom atm and i cant wait to move into my own house and be able to decorate the way i want.

I have linked as much as poss where the items are still online.

Hope you like it guys!

Whats your room like?


1 comment:

  1. Love your room! Especially the lights/big mirror and marble cushion - what bargains! Steph x